Roy Moore’s devastating loss to Doug Jones in last week’s Senate election has lead to a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking on both sides of the aisle.

On the left, Democrats are debating amongst themselves whether it was black women who carried the day or whether it was the centrist white vote which assisted the Democrats on their path to victory in a deep red state. For example, Matt Bruenig of the People’s Policy Project argues:

But if you actually look at the exit polling, it is pretty clear that the real story of Jones’s victory was not inordinate black turnout but rather inordinate white support for the Democratic candidate… white support for the Democrat changes dramatically, rising all the way to 30 percent in the Jones-Moore election. This white swing towards the Democratic candidate is basically solely responsible for the fact that Jones won rather than losing by over 20 points, which is the typical outcome of a statewide Alabama election that features this level of black turnout.

On the right, some Republicans are proclaiming that Moore’s WorldNetDaily styled evangelicalism turned off moderate whites, which caused the steep drop in Republicans who voted for President Trump last year to not show up for Moore on Tuesday, while others are arguing that the GOP establishment’s effort to undercut Moore were the reason for the loss. We would also be remiss to not acknowledge that the mainstream media successfully generated controversy surrounding Moore, and his own less-than-perfect campaigning was also a contributing factor to the defeat.

Regardless of the various dynamics involved in Moore’s loss, it is undeniable that the Moral Majority electioneering that was once so successful for social conservatives in the past has now transitioned into a political liability. We live in an era where concepts that were once considered laughable oddities such as “gay marriage” or “transgender rights” are embraced by the majority of the voting population.

We must recognize that the Culture War was lost not in spite of social conservatives but because of them. Before I go any further, I want to make it clear, as someone who holds traditional Christian values, that I am not criticizing the religiously devout but, rather, this is a critique of social conservatives, both voters and politicians, who have repeatedly failed us with their inept actions. By evaluating what social conservatives have done to lead to their decades of failure, I hope that people with traditional values can learn from their mistakes and move forward in a positive direction to succeed where past social conservatives have failed.

Here are the 5 major mistakes made by social conservatives.

  1. They trusted the Republican Party.
  2. They allowed Zionist GOP interests to co-opt their movement on Israel’s behalf.
  3. They thought this was a good faith debate and not a fight for survival.
  4. They chose religious arguments instead of practical ones.
  5. They didn’t call out their enemies and name names.

They trusted the Republican Party.

A little known fact is that it was Republicans working to reelect George W. Bush to a second term in 2004 who pushed the gay marriage issue. These Republican strategists helped get statewide referendums opposing gay marriage on the ballots but, after Bush was reelected, they walked away from the issue leaving hapless social conservatives to fend for themselves. Another interesting tidbit is that a lot of these Republican strategists were actually closeted homosexuals, which means their opposition to gay marriage was purely opportunistic and they may have even intentionally been leading social conservatives into a trap. And this wasn’t the only time Republican operatives played social conservatives for fools and just used them for their votes. Some of the social conservatives’ most humiliating defeats were actually engineered by Republicans. For instance, the Supreme Court Justice who wrote the decision in the 2015 Obergefell case making gay marriage the law of the land was drafted by Anthony Kennedy, who was appointed to the Court by “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan. If traditional minded voters want to be successful in the future, we need to be very skeptical of Republican Party leaders, politicians, and strategists who assure us they have our best interests at heart.

They allowed Zionist GOP interests to co-opt their movement on Israel’s behalf.

As a close corollary to the first point, social conservatives were easily manipulated into becoming Israel Firsters. While it would be nice to explain this all away as dispensationalists hopped up on the Scofield Reference Bible, we must admit that many Christians with no theological leanings toward Zionism willingly jumped on board the bandwagon of perpetual war for “our greatest ally.” Instead of pushing the causes that social conservatives actually cared about, they wasted political capital on waging no-win wars in the Middle East. This is still going on as Ben Shapiro, who is being heavily promoted by big money GOP interests, is striving to claim the mantle of respectable conservatism while inexorably linking it to the defense of Israel. If traditional minded voters hope to avoid the pitfalls of the past, we must reject Zionism in all its forms.

They thought this was a good-faith debate and not a fight for survival.

Compare and contrast what it is that social conservatives want with what the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) want. Social conservatives basically want to keep the laws as they were before the cultural revolution; the SJWs want to literally criminalize the expression of socially conservative ideas. For now, they’ll settle with getting us fired from our jobs so we can’t feed our families, but their long-term goal is to enact “hate speech” laws that will send people to prison for stating something that was considered common sense a generation ago. This is not a friendly debate with an opponent who is acting in good faith; this is a battle with an enemy who wants us dead where there is only going to be one man left standing at the end. If traditional minded voters want to win, we’d better wake up and start fighting like our lives depend on it.

They chose religious arguments instead of practical ones.

One area where social conservatives have not been complete failures is on the topic of abortion. While public opinion does tend to lean in favor of abortion, it’s not an issue which is warmly embraced by the public with even its defenders viewing it as a “necessary evil.” This is because most mentally well-adjusted people, even ones indoctrinated in culturally left media, will be disgusted by exploring the specifics too closely of intentionally ending an unborn child’s life. President Trump actually scored a good blow against Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential debate by attacking her for supporting Partial Birth Abortion. Many question Trump’s sincerity as a practicing Christian, but his criticism of that abhorrent medical procedure on practical grounds came across as heartfelt and resonated with debate viewers. We can learn from this. As more people fall away from their faith and church attendance drops, making arguments based on Scripture or Christian values—no matter how true—will not have the intended impact with a secular audience. As an example, instead of citing the Bible to criticize the normalization of homosexuality, we can instead bring up Center for Disease Control statistics. If traditional minded politicians are to win in our modern age, they need to make practical arguments, not just religious ones.

They didn’t call out their enemies and name names.

A tactic often used by SJWs is to “name & shame” people or companies that promote traditional values, which, sadly, proves quite effective at stifling us. Social conservatives, on the other hand, seem to never use this tactic even though it obviously works. An example where it could be used effectively is with Hollywood. Entertainers or producers who promote degeneracy or donate to far left causes should be publicly admonished, and their films should be boycotted. Disney is currently one of the biggest promoters of degeneracy, but you’ll rarely see social conservatives calling for a boycott of the two biggest Disney acquired properties: Star Wars and Marvel. Why not? Could you imagine what SJWs would be doing if Disney was donating to pro-life or anti-LGBT groups? They would be screaming from the rooftops for boycotts! If they can do it, why can’t we? And, just like SJWs, our boycotts should rely on us shaming people within our own social groups who don’t participate in the boycott. This is how the Left operates. They use public boycotts and peer pressure to force people to comply with their boycotts, and we need to do the same. There’s already a company which can be used to do this called 2d Vote. This is a simple but exceedingly effective tactic.

The Republican establishment is already making moves to embrace degeneracy. Unless social conservatives learn from the past and begin fighting back, we are destined to fade into political irrelevance.