Throughout the years, Chronicles Magazine has published multiple essays denouncing any type of White Identity and, as a former subscriber who holds many of the same views as the editors of Chronicles yet has embraced White Identity, I thought I could offer some feedback as to why your arguments have failed to persuade me.

My initial complaint is that many of these arguments are against a straw-man of White Identity that your writers have constructed in their minds. Your writers describe some type of neopagan racialism which exalts race above all else. While it is true that there is a contingent of White Identitarians who might be described this way, it is inaccurate to think that such a critique is a valid rebuttal of White Identity in its entirety.

The failure to properly define what it is that is being debated was probably the first and most fatal mistake in your arguments. Here is my humble attempt to define what the term “White Identity”  means. White Identity is simply white people collectively organizing for their self-interests. This concept seems radical and controversial in this day and age only when the people organizing are white. The opposite is true for any non-white racial group who are routinely celebrated for doing such a thing!

White people agreeing to reject Identity politics when every other race is utilizing it to great success is akin to unilaterally disarming in the midst of a gun fight. It appears Chronicles has firmly landed on the unilateral disarmament side of the fence known as “colorblind conservatism.” And, as the past few decades have shown us, colorblind conservatism has resulted in one embarrassing defeat after another both in politics and culture. Colorblind conservatives are not only blind to racial issues but also to reality itself as they refuse to change their perspective despite their constant failure to effectively fight back against the relentless march of Cultural Marxism.

Let’s be honest here. You colorblind conservatives are on the ropes about to be KO’ed by a bunch of trannies:

A transgender woman unseated one of Virginia’s longest serving and most socially conservative lawmakers Tuesday and is set to make history as the first openly transgender person elected and seated in a state legislature. Democrat Danica Roem, an experienced newspaper reporter, beat Republican Del. Bob Marshall in Tuesday’s election… Earlier this year, Marshall, who has served in the House since 1992, sponsored a measure that would have restricted the bathrooms transgender people can use.

But not all hope is lost as it would appear the younger generation seems to have learned from the mistakes of colorblind conservatives. I believe that young people are embracing White Identity in large numbers due to younger generations being forced to deal with mandatory diversity programs and anti-white indoctrination. The young are faced with the consequences of an older generation of colorblind conservative whites failing to stand up and defend our race. This explains the large amount of contempt younger people feel for the baby boomer generation, commonly referred to as “boomers,” who allowed their nation’s demographics to be transformed into that of a Third World nation because they were afraid of being called “racist.” It is beyond infuriating to have a boomer who grew up in a mostly white nation scold you for wanting the same.

If Chronicles wanted to honestly explore White Identity, I recommend your writers engage with the website Ordo Evangelistarum which represents the traditional Christian wing of the movement. I, and many others like me, believe that White Identity is perfectly in harmony with traditional Christianity and, due to the political realities of today, is a necessary direction we must take if we are to survive.