For decades, you could ask any traditionalist Catholic about the state of Christendom, and they would likely all tell you the same thing: namely, that the Church is in very real trouble. In this new year, there is a certain sense that traditionalism could soon sweep through the faith, mirroring what has been seen with nationalism, but the faith is also perhaps in more danger than ever before. This is due in no small part to Pope Francis, who has shown that advancing a liberal agenda is more important than preserving the faith.

For example, consider that Francis went to Sweden to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and, while doing so, he was seen embracing Antje Jackelén, the female primate of the Church of Sweden. (Source) It is worthy of note that “Archbishop” Jackelén is a supporter of gay marriage, and the Church of Sweden is also home to Eva Brunne, the openly gay “Bishop” of Stockholm, who called for crosses to be removed from a church so that Muslims could use it without being offended (Source). Both Jackelén and Brunne have used their positions as Lutheran “bishops” to lobby Francis to ordain female priests (Source).

Now, it may seem silly at first to think that these Lutheran heretics could have undue influence over the Church moving forward, but remember that Francis visited their Reformation celebration. Also, consider the fact that Walter Cardinal Kasper, who Francis has referred to as “a talented theologian, a good theologian” (Source), said that Francis going to Sweden was “to confess the sin (shared) of division,” and Kasper went further to say that he hopes Francis will allow “Eucharistic sharing” en route to full reconciliation with Lutherans, so long as “rigid” forces within the Church do not stand in the way of “progress” (Source). Bear in mind that Francis already opened the door to Lutherans taking Catholic Communion (Source).

In this same heretical vein, Francis has also created a “Special Commission for the Study of the Diaconate of Women,” and one of the people appointed thereto is Hofstra University professor Phyllis Zagano, a feminist advocate for female ordination (Source). Zagano actually has ties to Women’s Ordination Worldwide, a heretical group claiming to ordain women in addition to openly supporting homosexuals (Source).

If these various progressives, both within the Church and without, are correct that Francis plans to give them everything they want, what will happen to the faith? We can be sure that some Catholics would embrace an openness to divorce, female clergy, tolerance of homosexuals, and so on as proposed by heretical factions, but we can also be fairly certain that many would not. That is the exact same path that has resulted in the Episcopal Church bleeding away members for years, and that is most likely exactly what would happen to the Catholic Church. That the door is even slightly open to so many heresies and at the same moment in time speaks to one very glaring fact—the Church and Christendom are in need of a new Counter-Reformation.

Heterodox Catholics have grown too bold in conjunction with Protestants, Jews, and Muslims subverting Latin Christendom, and Francis is a symptom of this terrible cancer. We have liberals masquerading as theologians when they are clearly motivated by their political ideology rather than by the Bible or Catholic tradition. They espouse things in direct opposition of everything Catholics hold dear, but the saddest and most dangerous thing of all is that so many heretics are hiding in plain sight by donning the collar and cassock. They are not shepherds tending to their flock nor soldiers for Christ. They are rather hellspawn in sheeps’ clothing, purposely and knowingly leading people astray for whatever reason.

Non-Catholic conservatives are prone to point the finger at Catholicism as though the liberal faction is the very Church itself, but the current state of affairs is the direct result of Vatican II pushing the notion that Catholics should be reaching out to Protestants and Jews. The liberal heretics pretending to be faithful clergy are spiritual descendants of that heresy, and they can and must be purged to make way for a spiritual rebirth, a re-embracing of a militant and zealous faith that stands against the enemies of Christ, both supernatural and natural. Sadly, due to the current hierarchy, any effort to right the proverbial ship will most likely have to come from the masses of Roman Catholics as well as traditionalists found among the SSPX, Old Catholics, Independent Catholics, and others loyal to the true faith who would see the Church restored.

“Every man’s work shall be manifest; for the day of the Lord shall declare it, because it shall be revealed in fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work, of what sort it is.” – 1 Corinthians 3:13