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In 2015, an American Jew, Idit Malka, and her son, Kahxin, were detained and ultimately deported when they attempted to visit Israel for “summer vacation, to visit family and to attend [her] sister’s wedding.” The Population, Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA) maintained that Malka “arrived at the airport without prior coordination with the Authority; changed the story of why she was visiting; and became violent and abusive when told her entry was being denied.” She said, however, “As an American citizen, I shouldn’t need prior coordination to visit Israel. And a Jew does not need to coordinate before visiting her homeland.” In 2014, an American Jewish family—”a mother, her two sons, their spouses and children“—faced deportation after their application for citizenship was denied despite living there for years.

There has actually been an ongoing problem with Israel denying citizenship and even temporary entry to American-born Jews. For example, speaking in 2002, Samaheyah Bat-Yisrael detailed how she had escaped from “crime- and drug-ridden” Chicago to join a community in Israel that was formed by American-born Jews in 1969, but, more than three decades later, they were still being denied citizenship, voting rights, &c. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this decades-long problem is why exactly Israel continues to attack American Jews—their skin color. Indeed, American Jews who happen to be black have been denied entry going back to 1971 when the Israeli government said they had “insufficient funds to stay in Israel.” Ethiopian Jews have faced similar racism: “There are some people who think Ethiopians are not good enough, and some of them believe white Jews are better than black Jews.”

The community to which Samaheyah had moved can be traced to Rabbi Ben Ammi Ben-Israel leading black Jews from Chicago, IL, to Dimona, Israel, after he said the Archangel Gabriel appeared to him in 1966 to reveal “that the time had come for [black American Jews] to return to their ancestral homeland of Israel.” The rabbi, who passed away in late 2014, taught that black Africans were actually the descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel and that the slavery and racism they had suffered were a “punishment for ancient Israelites’ worship of false gods after Moses led them out of bondage.” Interestingly, there was “no immediate cause of death” for Rabbi Ben Ammi, also known as Abba Gadol (Great Father), but, perhaps coincidentally, Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, “a revered elder of New York’s black Jewish community” who had been saved from “Ethiopia in the middle of Nazism and fascism, wrapped in a blanket and brought to” America, had died just the month before. Rabbi Hailu, like Rabbi Ben Ammi, was involved with a movement that sees blacks as Jews with some seeking “traces of links with the Ten Lost Tribes.”

Now, let’s be clear. Israel has the so-called “Law of Return,” which clearly says that “Every Jew has the right to come to [Israel] as an oleh,” or a “Jewish immigrant to the modern state of Israel.” To get around this, these black Jews simply “are not recognized as Jews by the state,” and anyone suspected of being affiliated with them is “grilled” by the Ministry of Interior. Might Israel be concerned about fully acknowledging the black Jews because they hold that they are descendants of the Lost Tribes? After all, modern research has shown that the Ashkenazi, who “represent about 80 percent of today’s Jews,” descend “from a population of about 350 people [living in Europe] between 600 and 800 years ago,” who were themselves “descendants of Greeks, Iranians and others who colonized what is now northern Turkey more than 2000 years ago and were then converted to Judaism.” If Israel officially recognizes the black Jews on their own terms rather than as converts, would they not also be acknowledging that blacks are the Lost Tribes and thus have a stronger claim to the modern state of Israel than the descendants of converts? If that were the case, would Israel not have to accept applications from the 43 million blacks in the US?


Consider that Jewish groups have been at the forefront of demanding that the United States accept African and Muslim refugees with hundreds or even thousands of rabbis calling on politicians “to keep America’s doors open to refugees.” Ashkenazi rabbis have also been arrested while protesting to shield illegal aliens from being deported from the US. Barbara Lerner Spectre, founder of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, has said, “Jews are going to be at the center of [Europe becoming multicultural]. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make… Jews will be resented because of our leading role.” Why are Jewish leaders working so hard to send Africans to the United States and Europe while the Israeli government tells refugees that they must leave or go to prison? Africans have actually been lynched in Israel, and black Jews “have faced police brutality and racial discrimination to such an extent that they protest in the streets proclaiming that #BlackLivesMatter.” Are the Ashkenazi purposely pushing black Jews to the United States and Europe to keep them from exerting their claim to Israel?

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With all of the recent talk of racism and supremacy, it is time for hard questions to be asked about Israel’s treatment of black Jews and refugees. Why should America’s doors stay open to what may just be black Jews who have not yet heard the message of rabbis like Ben Ammi and Hailu when Israel refuses them entry? Why should America tolerate illegal aliens when Israel refuses to grant citizenship and voting rights to black Jews who have lived there for decades? Why should Europe have to become multicultural when Israel will not even accept some Jews because of their skin color? It is long past time for Israel to #RootOutRacism and embrace #OpenBordersForIsrael. Let the Lost Tribes go #BackToIsrael.