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Democrats—like European leftists—like to pay lip service to more traditional values when they think it will benefit them politically. For example, the Democratic National Convention was opened with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Star Spangled Banner. Numerous speakers have invoked the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. If one didn’t know any better, they would be left thinking that Democrats are the party of religious faith and patriotism, which obviously is not the case.

Democrats are the party of Marxism. Even so-called “moderate Democrats” these days openly say that socialism is good for the country, and it isn’t difficult to find those who espouse communism. Some may not admit to the latter, but ask democrats if they believe in national sovereignty, borders, and so on. Many, if not most, will gleefully say that nations and borders do not make any real sense, and they believe that foreigners have a “right” to live where they wish. Democrats are also believers in the Frankfurt School that applies Marxist principles to social issues. This is why they paint things as class warfare (white vs. black, normal vs. queer, men vs. women) just as they do economic classes. In their perfect world, there would be no borders or nations.

Democrats are the party of rejecting the Founding Fathers. In 1790, the free population of the United States was 98.15% white, and a Naturalization Act was enacted in that same year so that only whites could move to the country and receive naturalized citizenship. Democrats like to quote the founding documents and attribute their Marxism to the men who founded the United States, but the reality is this country was not founded to be a multicultural, multiracial melting pot with no official language and open borders. Democrats use the Founders, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence to act as shells for whatever they are promoting. They do not actually care about any of it, but they will use all of it as a way to trick the American people into swallowing their poison. They have gone so far as to run away from just the names of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson on their own events. That is who they really are. They are ISIS tearing down statues of what they see as infidels.

Democrats are the party that opposes law enforcement. They go so far as to declare that the term “law and order” is really a Nazi slogan straight from Hitler. Democrats side with the families of criminals who get themselves killed by attacking police, resisting arrest, and so on. When the same criminals they coddle murder police, they use every opportunity to defend the criminals and attack the police. They do not care if the officers are white or black. All law enforcement officers are seen as enemies to the Democrats aside from when they need protection, or to claim citizens do not need to own guns because the same police Democrats demonize will protect us when they aren’t killing us, apparently.

Democrats are the party of abortion on demand for any reason. From their number, one will often hear that a fetus is “just a clump of cells” rather than a life. St. Basil the Great (330-379) wrote in his *First Canonical Letter* that whosoever “deliberately commits abortion is subject to the penalty of homicide.” St. Jerome (347-420) wrote in a letter to Eustochium that those who “procure abortion” would “enter the lower world laden with the guilt … of child murder.” Now, some people may be able to make a case for cases of rape, incest, or where the mother’s life is threatened, but Democrats are the party of abortion on demand for any reason without question.

Democrats are the party of degeneracy. They want grown men sharing restrooms with little girls, and they have even defended a grown man in Washington state, who claimed to be a woman, undressing in front of underage girls with his penis in full view. According to the pro-LGBT Williams Institute, “trans people” are only 0.3% of the population, but Democrats think the other 99.7% must conform to the desires of that tiny minority. Democrats have also championed homosexuality, bisexuality, and any number of other “genders” and “orientations.” Deuteronomy 22:5 makes it clear that a “woman shall not wear t<span style="font-family: Times,"Times New Roman",serif;">hat which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment.” It is also clear in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 that homosexuality is a sin. Democrats like to pretend that “love is love,” but the reality is far darker than will ever admit:

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Bill Clinton may seem folksy. Democrats may be able to mimic the sounds of patriotism and faith, but they are a corrupt fifth column that would burn the Constitution, tear down every statue, and jail anyone who dared to question their actions. They have no qualms with Spanish or Chinese being used instead of English. They see the Constitution as a barrier to the “progress” they would forced upon the rest of us. They are not patriotic, moral Americans who happen to just have different views. They are a cancer attacking the organs of this Republic, and, when they’re honest, they’ll say as much.