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A*cause célèbre* of modern feminism has long been the ordination of female priests based on the idea that it is just another “glass ceiling” preventing women from being the equal of men. This is not really a new development since there have been those who have pushed for the ordination of women since the earliest days of the Church, but it is different in that it has become a politicized issue. This is due in no small part to the fact that the New Testament is clear on the matter, and there are those who have their own reasons for wanting to separate Christianity from its traditional moorings. For example, **1 Timothy 2:12** says to “suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” Similarly, **1 Corinthians 14:34-35** says, “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” The latter idea is reinforced by **1 Corinthians 11:3**, which says that “the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” In **Genesis 3:16**, God also told Eve that Adam “shall rule over thee.” These passages raise some rather obvious problems for proponents of female clergy. How could any priest fulfill their duties if they could neither teach nor shepherd their flock? How would a priest be able to give a sermon if they are not meant to speak in a church? The fact that the passages are so blatant is precisely why modern feminism has attached itself to this issue. If they can convince all manner of religious faithful to not only reject but flaunt their rejection of the Bible on this issue, it would be all the easier to achieve the same thing on other issues that are close to their hearts, not the least of which is the effort to proclaim that homosexuality is not a sin and must be embraced.

Indeed, a leftist Romanian homosexual (living in Spain) and his gaggle of leftist American gal pals spent several hours this morning on twitter telling me things such as “God is love,” that “God does not judge,” and so on. One even quoted Jimmy Carter saying that Jesus was fine with homosexuality. Obviously, the Bible is rather clear that God not only judges us but punishes any who aren’t penitent, and the passages regarding homosexuality certainly aren’t “fine” with such activities.

For example, Romans 1:26-27 condemns men and women engaging in homosexual acts. The “liberal Christians” often claim that this passage is condemning people who go against their “natural sexual orientation,” which means a homosexual engaging in heterosexual acts, apparently. In truth, however, the passage references men and women giving up natural sexual intercourse (φυσικὴν χρῆσιν) for dishonorable passions (πάθη ἀτιμίας) that are contrary to nature (παρὰ φύσιν). It references women with women and men abandoning nature with women (ἀφέντες τὴν φυσικὴν χρῆσιν τῆς θηλείας) so that the men are with men (ἄρσενες ἐν ἄρσεσιν). The message is perfectly clear.

Similarly, 1 Corinthians 6:9 is often said to condemn temple prostitutes and pederasts rather than just homosexuals in general. The two terms used are μαλακοὶ (effeminate male) and ἀρσενοκοῖται (“male who lies with males”). The former is the one who “receives” while the latter “gives,” so that both men involved in a homosexual act are committing their own sin. It is important to remember that “homosexual” was not coined until 1892, but “liberal Christians” often use the fact that ancient people did not use our modern terminology as a way of claiming they meant something else entirely.

Now, the interesting thing about the Romanian homosexual and his gal pals is that they first entered my mentions to defend Muslim immigration to the West. They naturally progressed from defending Muslim jihadists to homosexuals to leftism in general and finally to offering platitudes about God not judging, sins not really being sins, and so on. Ultimately, all of their arguments amount to the same principle—secular humanism with its moral relativism is true godliness. Of course, only a fool would think they could play word games with God and trick their way into Heaven, but that is precisely what the so-called “liberal Christians” and their secular allies do on a regular basis. Even while they claim to be seeking to be the best Christians they can be, all they really do is undermine and debase the faith with the inevitable outcome being a growing rot from within. Whether they claim to be a secular humanist or a liberal Christian, everything they do and say is motivated by tearing down the traditions and beliefs of the faithful so only their leftist ideology is left.

A good example of this is Eva Brunne, the lesbian “Bishop” of Stockholm for the Lutheran Church of Sweden. She not only claims to be a cleric despite the prohibition against female ordination, but she is also a lesbian in a registered homosexual relationship. She is a walking list of sins that fly in the face of the Bible and 2,000 years of Church tradition, but she is then supposed to shepherd her flock? As should be expected, her moral relativism does not stop with her own personal behavior, and she achieved fame by protesting the nationalist Sverigedemokraterna party in Sweden as “racist” in 2010. In 2015, she then proposed that a church in Stockholm remove every cross and Christian symbol so that Muslims could also use it without being offended. She even wanted the direction to Mecca to be marked within the church to help the Muslims in their prayers. Less than a year later, a Catholic priest was executed while performing Mass in France, killed by two Muslims from a mosque that had been built on land donated by the local Catholic church. Such people are who “Bishop” Burnne would see accommodated and catered to so as to avoid being “racist.”

Eva Brunne is not a Christian cleric. She masquerades as one so that she can further her own agenda, but she embraces her own sins while encouraging others to do the same. She serves as a cancerous rot within the Church of Sweden while she asks the Swedish people to import and coddle infidels. After all, she will call her flock “evil racists” if they don’t embrace Christianity secular humanism.

In truth, there was wisdom in the tradition of not ordaining women because they tend to be more emotional and nurturing, and, while both of those qualities seem like they would be helpful to clerics, they actually make women more susceptible to emotional manipulation. Women are also more likely to think that problems can be solved with hugs, talking, and sharing. Thus, women flock to rallies to hold up signs saying, “Refugees Welcome,” because the narrative sold to them is sad. Even as the so-called “refugees” start to rape and murder people, many women will continue supporting them and even make excuses for them rather than admit they were manipulated by our enemies. Surely, it is not the Muslims’ fault that they are raping and murdering people, say the women. No, it must be the evil Christians who are forcing the Muslims to behave that way through racism, sexism, and Islamophobia. If they should ever doubt their chosen path, it only takes another sob story to reassure them that the First World will be a much better and more tolerant place as part of an Islamic state.

Leftists are easily manipulated by emotional appeals, and that is true in terms of politics and religion. This is due in no small part to the fact that leftist factions are always heavily populated with women. Indeed, women are more likely to be Democrats regardless of race or age (Source). Every Christian denomination that has started ordaining women has made the steady march towards progressivism by embracing moral relativism including homosexuality, fornication, and so on. Naturally, Christians in those churches do not appreciate where their religion is being redirected, and many leave altogether rather than witness false teachers lecturing them on why their actual religion is wrong.

For example, the Episcopal Church had 2,154,572 members spread across 7,095 dioceses in the US in 2006. In that same year, Katharine Jefferts Schori was elevated from “Bishop” of Nevada to be the first female Presiding “Bishop” over the entire Episcopal Church, a position she occupied until 2015. Schori was known for being pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-Obamacare, and so on. The Episcopalians’ official website has an entire section dedicated to promoting “diversity” while another is dedicated to “antiracism” and “social justice.” From 2006-2014, under Schori, the Episcopal Church lost 15.7% of the active membership with a total loss of 542 dioceses. In 2015, the Episcopalians further embraced political correctness by selecting Michael Curry, the former Bishop of North Carolina and first black Presiding Bishop, to replace Schori after she chose not to seek the office again.

For any unaware, the Episcopal Church is just the American branch of the Church of England. What should be one of the most Anglo denominations in the United States has come to be dominated by feminists, non-whites, homosexuals, and so on. Naturally, the Anglo-Saxon membership continues to leave as things get worse, but “white flight” does not fix these problems. Ultimately, whites moving on to whiter pastures only serves to surrender ground to people who do not respect Christianity, our Anglo culture, or the people who built the United States in the first place. Our culture is under attack, our churches are under attack, and our people are under attack. These are not separate fights, but they are rather different fronts in the same ongoing culture war to make it so only radical leftism exists.

Women should not serve as clerics because, as a group, they tend to place empathy above reason, but the Church is perhaps one of the most important pillars of our civilization. The hierarchical Church is a sign that there is something bigger than us, something that can stretch for millennia. Once the faith is undermined, it becomes much easier for cancerous elements to push hedonism and degeneracy, to claim that all things are temporary and thus meaningless. Why does it matter if Europe and the US are Muslim rather than Christian if nothing really matters? Who cares if the people who produced the Magna Carta and the US Constitution die out if Third World immigrants can step into their shoes? Leftists promote open borders, multiculturalism, multiracialism, and so on because they are trying to eliminate obstacles that would prevent them from creating a new Tower of Babel.

God does love us, but, like a parent, that unconditional love actually presupposes that bad behavior must be punished rather than embraced and normalized. The Church must stand as a wall against our enemies—both spiritual and wordly—throughout the centuries. It must remind us that we must not live only for the here and now because there is something more, something greater than ourselves. The Church cannot be about compromising with our enemies, “coexisting” with those who would kill a priest in the middle of a church. Clerics must be shepherds, which means protecting their flock from the wolves that would devour them. Every Christian cleric must have a crusader living within their soul, or else the end is inevitable. Female “clerics” only ever seem to combat their own while embracing the enemies of the faithful. “Bishop” Eva Brunne would see churches cleansed of their Christianity so as to accommodate Muslims. “Bishop” Katharine Schori used the Episcopal Church as a tool to push her ideology, and she only served to devastate her flock with secular leftist ideals. All leftist ideology is cancerous, and it is certainly true that there are male degenerates, hedonists, and false teachers among many denominations today. But it cannot be ignored that “female ordination” is a key plank in the anti-Christian platform, and we can plainly see why.