At the University of Alberta and elsewhere, simple signs have appeared that read, “It’s okay to be white.” Chris Andersen, Dean of Native Studies, said he ripped down the one appearing on the building in which he works, saying, “It’s juvenile, but these are the kinds of petty imbecilities that are symbolic of feelings of fragility and frailty present in mainstream society.” Dr. Andersen also took to Twitter to complain in addition to having reported it with the University saying the police were investigating. At the University of Maryland, one black woman ripped down one such sign while another said she would have added “NOT” to the message. An Asian woman at Harvard Law School highlighted one, saying it was “most pathetic.” In response to a sign in San Francisco, a white liberal went on a Twitter rant about “cultural anxiety” and “white supremacy.” Again, all of this was in response to: “It’s okay to be white.”

While it may seem unrelated at first blush, this is actually a perfect distillation of the optics debate. Those who put up the fliers, stickers, and signs could have opted for a more “radical” message by using militant language, swastikas, and the like, or even just posting outright copies of Nazi propaganda translated into English. Instead, they went with a simple, positive message for white people. As expected, the liberal hordes could not control themselves, and they responded by filming themselves tearing the fliers down, reporting it all to the police as a “hate crime,” and screaming about “racists” and “Nazis.” If the fliers had actually involved Nazi symbols and language, the liberal accusations would have stuck and their hysteria would have seemed reasonable. Since the fliers only included the simple, positive message and nothing more, however, liberals actually exposed themselves as being racist against white people. Blacks tearing down “It’s okay to be white” fliers, filming it, and ranting about how offended they are does infinitely more than any Nazi propaganda could have achieved. Indeed, a search of the hashtag on Twitter found examples of average people decrying the liberal response as just being anti-white.

When the Washington Post refers to such an innocent message as being “part of an effort to spark racial division” and sees their own comment section ridiculing them, it is safe to say that the effort worked. Now, compare this to the debate regarding optics that has been raging in and around the Alt-Right. Many have been arguing that members of the movement should not dress like Nazis, or throw up Nazi salutes, or chant Nazi slogans, or fly Nazi flags while the other side has dismissed those advocating such positions as “opticucks.” The general argument of the latter seems to be that the leftists will call everyone “Nazis” anyway, so they may as well go with their radical, aggro messaging and optics. But it would seem that “It’s okay to be white” has demonstrated the value of the exact opposite: namely, letting the leftists expose themselves as being lunatics by riling them up with things to which most people would not object. If the Left cries, “Nazi,” and the average person sees they are actually pointing at a Nazi, said person will just continue on their way because they do not identify with Nazism. If, however, they see that the leftists are pointing at someone who looks and behaves like them, they will realize the Left is attacking them too.

Therein is the value of couching the values of the movement in imagery and language that appeals to the most people possible. The leftists will still do and say crazy things like “white men should not apply for tech jobs,” and they will stand out for that craziness because the Alt-Right seems sane in comparison. That is the key. If both sides seem insane, then the masses will ignore the debate, which is a win for the Left as they control academia and the media… the status quo is their friend. If the Alt-Right can seem calm, rational, and patriotic as the Left rants about Nazis around every corner and under every rock, who will the masses start to accept as being the adult in the room? Non-Hispanic whites are still a clear majority of the nation—2 in 3 Americans—but that window will be closing unless major changes happen and soon. The mission of the movement needs to be showing that majority that they are under attack even if they do not realize it, and the best way to do that is to seem like someone to whom it would be worth listening. Let the leftists cry out to the heavens. Let them rip their shirts and beat their chests. Let them decry George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as being Nazis and dismissing great men like Robert E. Lee as being “as mediocre as any other white Southerner.” Let them expose themselves.

Leftists are like toddlers. They are controlled entirely by their emotions, and they lack any sort of real self-control. The appeal of the angry, aggro neo-Nazi aesthetic and messaging to young, disaffected white men is obvious, but that too is giving oneself over to their emotions. They feel like society has let them down, and aggressively “fighting back” seems like they are doing something about it. But the truth is that most Americans are not actively seeking to be a part of a revolution even if they have cause to be, and that means they are not going to self-identify with neo-Nazi Sturmtruppen taking to the streets looking to brawl with Antifa. They first need to wake up to the fact that they are in the midst of a slow-motion revolution that has been taking place for decades and that their heads will be on the chopping block if the other side were to win. As South Africa clearly demonstrates, white people will not do well under the non-white nation the Democrats have been pushing for since the 1960’s. White sons will be murdered, white mothers and daughters will be raped and then murdered, and white fathers will welcome death after being forced to watch all of the above. That is the future the Left has been working long and hard to achieve.

It may feel good in the short-term to yell, stomp your feet, and punch a hippy in the face, but that only plays into the Left’s narrative that the evil Nazis are coming back like violent bogeymen. The more strategic path involves convincing the masses that they are in danger and that they need to fight back to save their people, culture, and country. Then and only then will real solutions to our problems be found.