Despite various successes over the last few decades, leftists today seem incapable of understanding the Culture War, albeit they may never have truly understood it and succeeded anyway since the bumbling mainstream Right understands it even less. From Ashley Judd screaming, “I’m nasty, like the blood stains on my bed sheets,” to the insane ramblings of Maxine Waters, the Left shows on a daily basis that it is comprised largely of people who belong in mental institutions. One wonders how many members of the Democrats’ leadership would be committed today if Reagan had not cleaned out the asylums in the 1980’s and made it harder to institutionalize the loons. In the eyes of leftists, they are in a perpetual struggle that pits women, non-whites, queers, and non-Christians against Nazis. Every day of their lives is like Omaha Beach except with bullets and bombs replaced with other peoples’ opinions, where any deviation from the accepted leftist party line is treated as a war crime of the highest order, a crime against all of humanity.

Leftists venturing out into the real world

This myopic view of the world helps to explain why the Culture War is so misunderstood by leftists. After all, how can you possibly understand all of the nuances of the real world if you think you live inside of a Wolfenstein video game, literally? For example, in light of BuzzFeed showing that Milo is really a gay, Jewish Nazi, leftists are now saying that “GamerGate was ground zero for our current hellscape,” by which they mean gamers, wanting to be left alone to play video games without leftist politics being forced upon them, have unleashed Nazis on the world. Indeed, according to Koushik “Koush” Dutta, a developer, Milo, Mike Cernovich, and Ian Miles Cheong “were all gamergate nutjobs” and are now “all alt-right nutjobs.” It does not seem to matter that Milo is a gay Jew “married” to a black man, or that Cheong is Asian. In the eyes of the Left, anyone and everyone who is not with them is a Nazi white supremacist.

A leftist stares down an Alt-Right Nazi

The reality is that “GamerGate” was just one of the latest examples of Frankfurt School Marxists forcing “critical theory” onto others. A market dominated by young, white men surprisingly did not like being told constantly that their hobby should be less white, less male, and less straight. It did not help that the leftist “journalists” exposed their own corruption and collusion when more than a dozen articles across different news sites and blogs appeared within a 5-day period, all similarly declaring, “Gamers are dead,” or something to similar effect. It was subsequently discovered that some 150 editors, writers, and bloggers were involved with a private mailing list, which was used to coordinate such messaging. Those same “journalists” would later collude to refuse coverage to companies that were supportive of “GamerGate,” and they were also caught blacklisting journalists who refused to play along with their schemes. As is to be expected, despite such an outcry from the market, the “journalists,” many of whom think gameplay is superfluous to video games, and many companies have refused to leave politics at the door.

For example, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, an upcoming title from Bethesda, is set in 1961 in an alternate reality United States where the Nazis won World War II in 1948. In light of the Left calling President Trump and everyone else a Nazi, the company decided to put out a trailer with the tag, “Make America Nazi-free Again,” a clear reference to Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” Another trailer, which includes a fair amount of foul language and a black man fornicating with a white woman, shows that the “Resistance”—not coincidentally what leftists call the opposition to Trump—is led primarily by a black woman. According to her character card, her name is Grace Walker, and we are told that she attended university to study Latin in segregated America prior to World War II. Accused of murdering an FBI agent prior to the occupation, she appears to be at least loosely inspired by figures such as JoAnne “Assata Shakur” Byron, member of the “Black Liberation Army” and accomplice in the murder of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster in 1977. While Byron was guilty and fled to Cuba, we are told that “Grace” was proven to be innocent and leads the “Black Revolutionary Front” against the Nazi-KKK alliance. The other leader depicted, Horton Boone, is a Tennessean Marxist who dresses as a priest despite not being one.

What white man wouldn’t have followed her in 1961?

Thus, the objective of the game is to start the “Second American Revolution” wherein the heroes are to be multiracial, race-mixing Marxists while the enemies are white people with racial views far more aligned with the Founding Fathers (and Americans who actually fought in WWII) than the supposed “American Resistance.” This speaks to precisely why “GamerGate” happened. The Wolfenstein video games go back to 1981, and no one ever batted an eye at the notion of an American soldier battling Germans in the context of World War II. Wolfenstein II, however, is framed by leftists’ sociopolitical worldview, and it is blatantly forced. For example, consider that the so-called “civil rights” and “women’s liberation” movements did not occur until the 1960’s, which included the development of “Afro” hairstyles from 1965, but we are to believe that an Afro-wearing black woman is a key resistance leader in 1961 after more than a decade of Nazi occupation. We have no indication that other characters question that within the context of the time or circumstances. There is also no indication that anyone questions a black man fornicating with a white woman even though anti-miscegenation laws were not fully overturned until 1967.

Such sociopolitical revisionism is also not limited to fictional stories. For example, we can point to Battlefield 1 from Electronic Arts, which is set during World War I. The game is divided into six parts, and two of those involve the player controlling non-white characters. Additionally, a black soldier was chosen for the cover art, an outsized nod to the relatively tiny number of blacks who fought in the last few months of the war. The upcoming Call of Duty: World War II from Activision will apparently include depictions of the “Holocaust” in campaign mode while the white men who actually fought in World War II can be replaced with non-whites and even women in multiplayer. These are just two examples of leftists “reimagining” historical events so as to elevate non-whites and women while erasing white men who actually did the heavy-lifting historically. In essence, they want to see a feminist, multiracial Marxist society today, and they project their desires onto the past so as to desensitize people. If the masses are willing to accept such revisionism, they will not resist forced demographic changes making it a reality.

The problem with this is that the Marxists are not even slightly subtle. There is no deep thought or nuance involved because their Frankfurt School Marxism sees every division as a battle between good and evilnon-whites vs. whites, women vs. men, non-Christian vs. Christian, poor vs. rich, gays vs. straights, trans vs. cis, &c. In essence, normal is oppressive, abnormal is oppressed, and a Red October revolution is needed to overthrow every variation of the former. This breaks down, however, because even some non-white liberals can recognize how dangerous this is, and that is how you end up with a gay, Jewish libertarian and a Malaysian milquetoast liberal being held up as “gamergate nutjobs” even though the former only really covered GamerGate as a journalist and the latter started out on the opposite side. The narrative must be preserved at all costs, and that includes attempting to erase the same people the Marxists claim to care about above all else. GamerGate was not a monolithic movement of evil, straight, white males. It didn’t need to be because others took issue as well.

Still, the leftists are partially correct when they say that GamerGate was “ground zero” for what has transpired since, just not in the way they mean it. They think the market rebellion by gamers was an unleashing of the evil Nazis that they always knew were hiding around every corner and behind every bed. The bogeymen were always just out of sight, but GamerGate allowed them to come out of the shadows… and the Marxists look back on it thinking they should have done more to murder baby Hitler in his crib. They fail to understand that they caused GamerGate by thinking the masses agreed with their Cultural Marxist views, and their refusal (or inability) to understand drove many liberals and libertarians away. They created a divide between the far-left and everyone else, and they are still doing it whenever they embrace violent communists such as Antifa, take a knee during the National Anthem, push white guilt with nonsense such as “Indigenous Peoples Day,” and so on. They breathed life into the Alt-Right.

Indeed, despite the Marxists screaming that everyone is a Nazi, the reality is that the “Alt-Right” is a number of factions that could be analyzed with the Marxists’ own ideas of “intersectionality” (if they cared about accuracy). There are Catholics, Protestants, pagans, and atheists, and there are monarchists, fascists, confederates, republicans, and, yes, even some Nazis. There are people who want to return to 1950 and others who want to return to 1150. One thing many of them share is that they were at least moderately left-leaning until GamerGate opened their eyes to the true nature of the Culture War. The truth can be easily hidden for a long time, but, once you catch a glimpse of it, you cannot unsee it. If the Marxists had been even slightly subtle or had made any effort to appease people before things went too far, the sheep would have continued sleeping unaware of the wolves all around them… but the wolves just could not stop howling. They could not help themselves because they all live in an echo chamber where everything they do and say is acceptable so long as it comports with party objectives. They could dismiss collusion and corruption out of hand because their ideology allows them to lie, steal, and cheat as long as it furthers the cause. They could spit in the eyes of their own customers because their ideology tells them that white men are the enemy. They shined a light on their own evil yet expected no one to care.

As long as the Marxists are pretending they are represented by Captain America even as they demand statues of George Washington be torn down, they will cause a blatant “glitch in the Matrix” for people who have otherwise supported the Left. When you call everyone to the right of Marx a “Nazi” and then justify violence against “Nazis,” you force people to realize that it isn’t the Alt-Right that wants to hurt them but rather it is the Marxists, that the Alt-Right wants a return to the stability of the past while Marxists want perpetual upheaval and violent revolution. And, since they never leave their echo chamber or engage in true self-reflection, expect them to continue failing to understand why the far-right grows.