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Liberals are known for being the grand defenders of degeneracy. There are their more obvious efforts, but they also defend pedophiles, necrophiliacs, incest, and bestiality. The latest example was provoked by Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County, FL, tweeting, “If you go to a shelter for #Irma, be advised: sworn LEOs will be at every shelter, checking IDs. Sex offenders/predators will not be allowed,” followed by, “We cannot and we will not have innocent children in a shelter with sexual offenders & predators. Period.”

Adam Schrader‏ of Wanderer News and New York Daily News responded to say that families should be isolated from the general population rather than target sex offenders because “denying sex offenders shelter during a hurricane is inhumane.” Arjen Haayman, a web developer, said, “That’s not really what Jesus has taught you, is it?” @DeborahtheCook, a personal chef, asked, “Did you just publish your intent to abuse human rights?” News Now Houston said, “Since when does Sheriff get to decide who lives and who dies? Way to go-exclude ‘certain citizens’ Sheriff doesn’t like from safe shelter.” Charlie Nash, LGBT reporter for Breitbart News, asked, “Will children have to provide ID?” @droidednole said that the good sheriff should “get ready for some oversight and scrutiny.” Kate Horton‏, formerly of Do the Bay and Uptown Almanac, replied simply, “F–k you.” Remember: they are upset that the Polk County Sheriff’s Office would dare to try keeping sexual predators from being in shelters with children, and their only concern is for the criminal perverts, not the children that could be trapped indoors with them.

Other liberals branched out to defend criminals in general. Robin Seemangal‏, a writer for WIRED, was concerned for illegal aliens who would also be identified. Johnny McNulty, a comedian, voiced his concern for people with bench warrants out for them. Alexandra Diaz said, “Taking advantage of an emergency situation to arrest people doesn’t seems like common sense to me.” @MrJnow, a Canadian, said, “What these tweets actually say: Human life is irrelevant.” @Ashleekat, a “Proud liberal Snowflake,” said that the majority of “common warrants are petty theft, weed and trespassing,” implying such criminals should not have to fear arrest by going to a county shelter. David Roth, co-founder of The Classical, implied that Sheriff Judd was endangering lives to get on Fox News. Libby Watson of Splinter Newssaid, “[I] actually don’t think you should have to die in a hurricane just because you have a warrant. [J]ust my take.” Shelby Edwards‏ said, “This goes against every principle in disaster management you small minded man. We don’t do this because it kills people.”

Now, again, think about who they are discussing and what they are saying. They are concerned for registered sex offenders, illegal aliens, and fugitives from the law. They are not concerned for children or law-abiding citizens. This is liberalism in all of its glory. Their concept of “rights” is that they have a right to do whatever they want in any way they want while forcing themselves on the rest of society. Your children have no right to not be locked in a building with pedophiles because the perverts’ imaginary right to be in that particular place takes priority. You have no right to being in a shelter without criminal elements because the criminals maybe possibly only broke laws with which liberals disagree, and that means they are practically law-abiding citizens… even if they are drug-using illegal aliens with multiple warrants out for their arrest. That is how leftists view the world—up is down, left is right, perversion is normal, bad is good, &c. They have a right to do whatever hedonistic, degenerate, and even criminal acts they want, and you have the right to sit quietly as they do so lest they call you a “bigot.”