I have added a Matrix Synapse server to our site. This will allow for end-to-end encrypted chat, VoIP (one-to-one and group), and video calling.

You will need to either use a Matrix web client (We have installed Riot.im on our site at https://ordoevangelistarum.com/chat) or download a Matrix client app (Riot.im offers a nice option). When registering or logging in, you will need to make sure you set your client to use a custom homeserver if you are not using the web app on our server. Our server’s URL is https://matrix.ordoevangelistarum.com, and this value must be entered into the homeserver field when not using our site to login. (See image for Riot.im app example.)

Riot.im app

https://riot.im/app login screen

Once registered, you can log in and will automatically be added to “The Foyer”, a room for helping people find their group or one that is appropriate for them. Rooms can also be listed on the entire distributed Matrix network or only on our site. Encryption can be enabled per Room/chat but cannot be disabled after it is enabled.

I have added this functionality so that those of us on the Right will continue to have a place to discuss things without fear of being shut down by Leftist corporations. Enjoy our gift to the community.