Mike Stuchbery bills himself as "a writer, historian and educator," and he is famously known as "a British historian" in such academic journals as Teen Vogue. He currently makes some $351 per month on Patreon for blogging and making podcasts about history, albeit it seems leftists are actually funding his trolling on Twitter considering that he has not blogged in nearly 7 months or posted a podcast in 5 months. Still, that has been good enough to secure him nearly 48,000 Twitter followers and his own literary agent and book deal. It seems that telling leftists what they want to hear about history has its benefits.

Naturally, as one might expect, being the Left's go-to historical revisionist has resulted in Stuchbery saying some outlandish and wildly ignorant things, as seen above and below. On this very blog, we have detailed his claims that Ancient Britain was a suburb of Africa, that national socialism is not a form of socialism, that George Orwell actually wanted 1984 read as a how-to manual, and that European nationalists totally violated the copyright of a video game by using a symbol based on that once used by the Ancient Spartans.

Now, while defending the United Kingdom imprisoning people for wrongthink, Stuchbery has laughably stepped into another mess after someone accused him of merely claiming to be anti-fascist while actually supporting fascistic laws. To this, he snarkily responded, "Fascist laws. 'Fascistic' isn't a word." It did not take the internet long to point Stuchbery to various dictionaries' entries for the word "fascistic" such as this one from the OED. This would be funny on its own considering that Stuchbery fancies himself as an anti-fascist intellectual yet failed to even realize fascistic is a word, but, over the course of a few hours, he sent a total of more than one dozen tweets defending the United Kingdom charging a man for "hate speech" and also refusing entry to three "right ring activists." Thus, proving that he does indeed hold fascistic views, which might explain his blindspot for the word.

While we can safely say that Stuchbery is not a Fascist in the proper sense of the word, we can also say that his personal ideology does meet the definition of "fascistic": "Having or relating to extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practices." Notice a key word in the definition is "or," which means someone or something can be fascistic if it has one of the listed characteristics, not all of them. It seems fairly obvious that Stuchbery and his ilk are authoritarian and intolerant considering that he is literally defending the British government charging people for alleged crimes involving nothing more than one's own thoughts and speech. He can try to tap dance around the issue by claiming he does support "free speech" yet opposes "hate speech," but, as is all too clear these days, "hate speech" magically only ever applies to the Right and never to the Left. This has been shown every time the likes of Twitter or Facebook claim to be targeting "hate."

Stuchbery is the walking embodiment of the paradoxical ideology of the Left. They claim to support progress, but they want African huts made of mud and dung to be seen as equal to the Empire State Building. They claim to support free thought, but they import radical Muslims by the millions and then call anyone racist who questions honor killings, rape gangs, or Sharia Law. They claim to support free speech, but they want you punished for disagreeing with them. They claim to support women, but that never extends to Third World countries where actual abuse of actual women regularly takes place. They exist only to destroy the great heights of European civilization, to reduce to rubble everything so that we are returned to only the basest of existences... little more than godless animals.