Unite the Right torchlight march, Charlottesville, per CNN

According to the mainstream media including Fox News, the events of Charlottesville, VA, involved a small army of despicable, evil Nazis attacking innocent Americans who were peacefully marching to promote tolerance, inclusiveness, and love. Indeed, more than one host on Fox News has tried to argue that the violence by the “innocent Americans” was actually prompted by the peaceful torchlight march on Friday because Christopher Cantwell and a minority of attendees allowed themselves to be filmed by leftist outfit VICE while chanting, “Jews will not replace us,” and, “Blood and Soil!”  Heather Heyer, the woman killed on Saturday, has been hailed as a “true American hero” and a “civil rights martyr.” Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has praised President Trump for “honoring Miss Heyer” while simultaneously criticizing him for being supported by “the most racist and hate-filled individuals and groups in our country.” The media consistently frames events as being between “Nazis” or “white supremacists” and nebulous “counter-protesters,” just normal, peaceful Americans opposed to the evil of Nazism that was on display.

Refuse Fascism member liberating elderly, handicapped man

There is a rather obvious problem with this narrative, however, in that the so-called “counter-protesters,” including Heather Heyer, were not “about love” and “peacefully protesting and … just standing up for what they believe in” as claimed. Instead, Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifa) had openly said they would challenge the legal rally, asking, “Will we give up the streets to these monsters, or will we stand our ground?” These are the same people who claim to be “on the side of freedom and justice and liberation” while they topple war memorials, burn American flags, and attack innocent people. Indeed, Heather Heyer was herself a member of the International Workers of the World, which has produced recent violence against police officers during “protests.” Black Lives Matter was also present in Charlottesville, and they have been known to call for “dead cops” with supporters making good on the threats. Refuse Fascism, an organization behind riots in Berkeley, CA, and known for receiving funding from George Soros, marched in Virginia, and one of their number was seen to beat an elderly, handicapped man with a bat (seen above). These are the people the media wants us to believe were peacefully marching to protect American values.

American patriots march against racism.

Now, this is where a leftist would state that the majority of the “counter-protesters” were peaceful, but that is a purposeful deception, which can be seen by looking at the organizations involved. For example, the International Workers of the World was founded in 1905 by socialists and communists in the United States, and Antifaschistische Aktion was established as the violent arm of the German Communist Party in 1932, a party which immediately took part in an attempted overthrow of the German government in 1918 after being founded by Rosa Luxemburg, a Polish-born Jew who acquired German citizenship through a sham marriage. Black Lives Matter is openly supported by the Communist Party USA, and this makes sense since BLM itself is a communist organization. BLM is also publicly supported by Carl Dix, co-founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party and “initiator of RefuseFascism.org.” To put it simply, the “counter-protesters” were not the innocent, random Americans that the media has portrayed them as, but they were rather members of multiple communist organizations known for violence against anyone they label as “Nazis,” which is anyone to the right of Karl Marx. Indeed, even supporting law enforcement is now seen as white nationalism/Neo-Nazism as seen below. Richard Nixon was said to be a fascist in 1973, as was Ronald Reagan in 1980, and the entire Bush family has been called a “Nazi dynasty.”

"Blue Lives Matter" flags are symbols of Neo-Nazism

To add another layer of irony, despite all of the claims that these groups are “on the side of freedom and justice and liberation,” their supporters in the media and elsewhere are now openly saying that we need to “rethink free speech” and take a “holistic” approach that values some (read: leftist) speech above others (read: rightist), that tearing down Confederate statues does not put us on a slippery slope yet also saying that we should perhaps slide down that nonexistent slippery slope to destroy Mt. Rushmore and tear down statues of President George Washington, and even attempting to dig up the graves of Confederate veterans. Alt-Right websites are now also being shut down in a rather blatant case of Orwellian censorship and silencing. While they claim that the “Nazis” and “fascists” are on the verge of violating their rights and taking away their freedom, it is the communists who are provoking altercations, shutting down peaceful rallies, seeking to vandalize property, and silencing opposition. And their justification in all of it is that they are battling fascists and Nazis, but, as should be obvious by now, they call everyone such without consideration of actual ideology. If you disagree with them, you are a “Nazi” worthy of destruction.

Thus, this is, by and large, a war between Communists who are actually communist and Nazis who are not actually Nazis. The minority of attendees at Unite the Right who flew Nazi flags, wore Adolf Hitler t-shirts, and chanted Nazi slogans were not representative of the whole of the Alt-Right, either present at the event or not. For the sake of argument, however, let’s assume that they were. Who have they collectively attacked without provocation? What statues have they torn down? What graves have they tried to dig up? Who have they silenced? What websites have they forced to shut down? The supposed “crimes” of the Alt-Right are that they oppose the leftist ideology of the communists, and that is made clear by article after article crying about “hate speech,” a legal concept foreign to the United States.

While it is true that James Fields, who the media has labeled a Neo-Nazi, hit a stationary car thus causing it to hit Heather Heyer, video footage shows that his car was attacked prior to him accelerating. The media has already convicted the 20-year-old of a purposeful terrorist attack, but it is hard for a rational person to ignore that the crowd in which Heather Heyer was marching was drawn from organizations known for violence and that they were clearly armed with baseball bats and such (as seen above). Again, these are the “peaceful counter-protesters” that the media wants to portray as innocent, but, again, the truth is that they are avowed communists seeking to engage in violence to silence anyone who would prevent the implementation of their ideology. They support open borders, mass immigration, class warfare, and the like. The media would have us believe that armed communists are taking to the streets around the United States to passively and peacefully protect American values and the American way of life, but this is not the United Soviet States of America. Communism is not now and never has been compatible with American values, which is why they claim to support liberty yet rely on violence and coercion to silence opposition. Anyone who is willing to give the United States over to Neo-Bolsheviks just to avoid being called “racist” is not worthy of the label of “American.” I am looking at you, Republicans.