Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
but there is no joy in Mudville — mighty Casey has struck out.

The above is from the 1888 poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer, and these few lines convey the sadness felt when the eponymous hero, overconfident in himself, acts in a way that brings about defeat rather than the hoped-for underdog victory. Today, like in the poem, there is no joy in Mudville, or Paoli, Indiana, but there is almost certainly cheering to be heard from Jewville as mighty Heimbach has struck out.

Whether you like him or not, agree with his tactics or not, Matthew Heimbach and his Traditionalist Worker Party have been working to challenge the Marxist status quo that would see the United States and the rest of the West turned into a new Tower of Babel. He has drawn the ire of many both on the Left and the Right, but all of that is now being overshadowed by the events of this past Monday and Tuesday that saw Heimbach arrested on two charges of battery. That in and of itself is not all that surprising considering that Heimbach was seen to openly clash with leftist protesters recently, as seen below, but this most recent altercation was not political in nature.

According to reports, Heimbach was apparently having an affair with Jessica Parrott, the wife of his long-time friend and TWP co-founder, Matthew Parrott, who also happens to be the stepfather of Heimbach's wife from a previous marriage. Despite claiming that the affair had been ended, Heimbach was caught in the act by his wife and friend, and, in the chaos that followed, he allegedly choked Parrott twice and battered his wife before the police ultimately arrived and arrested him.

The first strike in all of this is that Heimbach violated his marriage and that of his friend. This is no small thing because, as a Christian, he knows the seriousness of adultery, but it is also important because the TWP is supposed to stand for family values. Now, he would obviously not be the first person to fall short of his own high standards, and, as we know, everyone will stumble from time to time and commit sins that they regret, albeit not with the entire liberal media waiting to broadcast every detail to the world. But, all the same, it is fair for people to question whether or not he can adequately lead others when he so spectacularly fails to live up to the standards by which he would expect everyone else to abide.

The second strike came when Heimbach not only attacked Parrott but allegedly attacked his wife as they argued over the incident. Again, this stands out on its own merits, but it also must be said that the TWP has taken a hard stance against men who abuse women, children, or the elderly, going so far as to equate them to traitors and calling for the death penalty by firing squad. It seems unlikely that Heimbach will be pleading guilty and voluntarily requesting that such justice be meted out in this case. Again, it is fair to question his convictions and leadership on this point.

Finally, the mighty Heimbach struck out because his irresponsible behavior put the work of everyone associated with TWP at needless risk. The affair was bad enough, but the fact that it was with the TWP co-founder's wife makes his actions particularly galling. Indeed, Parrott maintained the group's website and membership rolls, and he has since resigned from the TWP, shut down the website, and deleted everything else associated with it. It is not clear whether or not Heimbach will try to continue the TWP's existence, but it is safe to assume that Parrott's justfiable anger-turned-scorched earth campaign will make that difficult in practical terms. This situation has also resulted in criticism of Brad "Hunter Wallace" Griffin and the League of the South for being associated with TWP, and it is never a good thing to tarnish one's allies.

It remains to be seen what will come of Heimbach and the TWP, but we can be certain that there is no joy in Mudville right now. Their leader has failed them and for something as shallow and base as lust. Some will defend him, and some will attack him. All while the enemy cheers and jeers from the stands. Will his men continue to trust in his leadership? Will his allies continue to want their names mentioned in the same breath as his?

Whether the future holds prison time or rebuilding his life's work, let us not forget that this situation involves two marriages and young children who are innocent in all of this. Whether you love him or hate him, support him or oppose him, let's pray that everyone involved gets their priorities straight and is able to find a better path.