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> “Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.” – 1 Peter 2:13-14
This week saw the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. Naturally, the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him, as well as the millions more who agree with him yet did not vote, have celebrated every day since. After all, Trump has pledged to secure the border, to deal with illegal aliens, to rebuild the military, to support Christians, to secure the Supreme Court for the right, and on, and on. In essence, Trump has pledged to do the opposite of everything Hillary Clinton had pledged to inflict upon white, Christian America. Our people, culture, and civilization were literally hanging in the balance, and the satanic left was finally defeated and resoundingly so. President-elect Trump is by no means perfect, but he is the only one in decades to have had the courage to put a name to our problems and pledge to stand with us rather than bending the knee before satanic globalist interests.As expected, however, not everyone has been celebrating his election. Feminists, homosexuals, black liberationists, and every other flavor of anti-white cultural Marxist have lost their minds. As it turns out, they actually believe the propagandistic nonsense they spew, and there has been no shortage of leftists foaming at the mouth, trembling with fear and rage, while screaming to the heavens, “How could they have voted for this monster?!” In their minds, Trump is Adolf Hitler without the mustache and with even better marketing skills. Hispanics are saying he will deport them all, which is true for all of the illegals, but there are also blacks claiming he will reinstate slavery, gays claiming that he will put them into concentration camps, and Jews claiming all of the above. There are certainly many on the far-right who would be fine with that and more, but Donald Trump is neither a racist nor a fascist. He is infinitely better than any other candidate, but he is not the fiery avatar of the far-right that the leftists have built up in their minds.

To turn a quote from The Dark Knight on its ear, Trump is not the hero that traditionalists deserve, but he is the one we need right now. The simple truth is that a traditionalist hardliner could not have succeeded in the current political climate because the Left has had such a stranglehold on the media, academia, Hollywood, and the like. Donald J. Trump has the right combination of attributes so that he could unite the far-right and blue collar democrats into a winning coalition. In the process, millions of people have been exposed to the far-right in the guise of the Alt-Right with Trump and his sons even acknowledging the far-right on social media, albeit perhaps indirectly or even accidentally. Still, that exposure has allowed the movement to grow. To quote from another Batman film, “the fire rises.” This puts the far-right in a position to succeed in the future.

Now, look at what 1 Peter 2:13-14 tells us. In the first line, we can see that we are to submit ourselves to the valid authority of government and obey the law. In the second, importantly, we are told that God will send governors to facilitate the “punishment of evildoers” and “praise of them that do well.” Donald Trump may not be everything that a traditionalist would want in a leader, but he is precisely what was needed for the far-right to succeed in this moment of history. And that includes the leftists who have subverted Christendom being punished within the very system they themselves have elevated and deified. The border will be secured, illegals will be deported, and those who aid and abet illegal aliens will be punished as well. Law and order will be restored with thugs and criminals being punished rather than being held up as victims. The Supreme Court will restore traditional values rather than reading their own desires into the Constitution. We stand poised to undo in 4-8 years what the satanists took decades to achieve.

The satanic hordes of orcs know what is at stake, or at least the slightly more intelligent ones do. They couch their fear in language of “combating bigotry,” “defending the helpless,” and so on, but the truth is that they have spent decades trying to destroy Christendom and yet now see the possibility of its glorious restoration. And, in that realization, many of them have let the mask slip. The defenders of tolerance and love have turned to violence and vitriol. Take, for example, Mr. Charles Walz who wishes rape and death upon anyone who voted for Donald Trump, or even those still living in a red state come January. Do you have a wife? He wants her to be raped before she is killed. Do you have children, grandchildren? He wants them to die as well. He does not seem too concerned with how everyone dies, but he is clear that he wants Trump supporters dead. Fascinatingly, he says that Trump is Lucifer, but it is Mr. Walz who sounds Luciferian.

In fairness to Mr. Walz, he is not the only leftist to have exposed the satanic orc hiding beneath the surface of every rabid leftist. Dozens have been arrested in Portland, Oregon, after “protests” turned into a riot, or rather after a riot was officially acknowledged as such ([Source](http://www.kgw.com/news/local/anti-trump-protesters-march-for-fifth-straight-night/351400705)). Similar scenes have occurred in a variety of cities across the nation with many others arrested, though they are largely confined to Democrat-held strongholds ([Source](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/11/11/violence-erupts-in-portland-riot-as-anti-trump-protests-continue-in-cities-across-the-nation/)). This has included protesters outside of the new Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, which has witnessed at least one sign calling for the rape of Donald Trump’s wife, Melania. These supposedly peaceful, loving, enlightened feminists and anti-racists are openly calling for the rape of women who did not vote “the right way,” but they are also actively engaged in violence, which suggests that these threats should not be taken lightly. Imagine these mobs storming a location where President-elect Trump and his family are staying. We can only pray his security is ready for such an event.
As we can see, there is no rest for the wicked. They claw and crawl their way through the shadows, through the muck, and never cease their activities. In times of relative peace and tranquility, the orcs have not gone away. They are still there, working their evil deeds away from prying eyes. This has been shown by Wikileaks exposing the corruption and criminality of Hillary Clinton and Clinton, Inc. They may attempt to put on a friendly face so long as you at least pay lip service their degeneracy and satanic beliefs, but the creature is always there beneath the surface, writhing and snarling, waiting for the opportunity to sink its gnarled fangs into the throat of a righteous person. Look to these savages wailing and beating their chests as victims while they call for the rape and murder of the innocent. Know that they do not rest and that we cannot rest either. Take up the sword and the cross and stand ready to confront these monstrosities wherever they are found.

“Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”

 Psalm 144:1