Milo, Queen of the gay, Jewish Nazis

If there was ever any doubts that the political Left lives in a Bizzaro clown world, they should be put to rest by the latest BuzzFeed piece on Milo Yiannopoulos, who we are told has been in league with all manner of white nationalists, Neo-Confederates, and, yes, even Nazis. Of course, this really is nothing new since the Left has been trying to position Milo as the “face of the Alt-Right,” or even as the leader of the movement, for quite some time, but BuzzFeed assures us that it is important this time because they now know that one of Milo’s email passwords included the word “Kristall,” which is German or Luxembourgish for “crystal.” BuzzFeed’s Joseph Bernstein is sure that this was in reference to “Kristallnacht,” a riot where Nazis broke windows of buildings associated with Jews. Of course, it could just mean Milo is a fan of Minsk Kristall, a Belarusian vodka, or perhaps he prefers to drink kristallweizen, a type of filtered wheat beer.

Welcome to Bizzaro Clown World

But, no, it was probably a reference to Nazis. After all, Milo is representative of the ideal Aryan according to Nazism—a gay Jew “married” to a black man who says that, as “a steadfast supporter of Jews and Israel,” he “condemn[s] racism in the strongest possible terms.” It may be true that Milo has engaged with some elements of the Alt-Right, but he has never been anything more than a “fellow traveler” on certain issues. Milo is not of the Alt-Right, but he is rather of the Alt-Lite, civic nationalists who espouse “western chauvinism,” condemning multiculturalism while they embrace multiracialism. Milo is of a kind with Gavin McInnes and the “Proud Boys,” Mike Cernovich, and the like. Theirs is a nationalism where “nation” is defined only in the most modern of terms, and they certainly have little to nothing in common with ethno-nationalists, whether of the Nazi variety or not. To the Left, however, anyone to the right of Karl Marx is now classified as a “Nazi fascist,” even gay, Jewish libertarians in interracial “marriages.”

A gay, Jewish Nazi “marries” a gay, black Nazi

All of this serves to show how absolutely insane the Left has become and how easy it would be to exploit their insanity. If a gay, race-mixing Jew actively virtue signaling against white nationalism can still be labeled as a Nazi sympathizer in The Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, Business Insider, Forbes, New York Daily News, and so on, then who isn’t a Nazi sympathizer? Ultimately, the Alt-Lite does not deserve any sympathy since they feel the need to constantly denounce and condemn those of the actual Alt-Right, and that is despite them constantly being warned that doing so will not save them from being labeled as “Nazis.” They were warned, still went down that path, and the expected outcome has resulted. Milo and Gavin may not care about the future existence of white people the way that the Alt-Right does, but they could have retained their “fellow traveler” status by simply not “punching right.”

For the Alt-Right, the key to using this hysteria is to not play the villain the Left sees everywhere. Yes, they will call literally everyone “Nazis” anyway, obviously, but playing into that, even slightly, only lends their accusations credibility in the eyes of the masses. If Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, and Rachel Maddow can cry “Nazi” while playing looped footage of young men yelling Nazi chants, the viewers at home will have no reason to question the media narrative. They hear “Nazi” and see “Nazis,” confirming in their minds what the media wants them to believe. This is where Milo runs into trouble—there is video of him singing karaoke while some of the audience throws up Nazi salutes. Otherwise, who in their right mind would believe the narrative of a gay, race-mixing Jew being the leader of a Nazi movement? Optics will always matter for sustaining leftist propaganda. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video involving anything about Nazis is worth even more.