This post was originally published at and authored by SPF 1488. Minor edits have been made for wider dissemination.

This is a public service announcement for everyone on the far right who uses the Discord VoIP and chat application: Discord is Jewish.

The founder and CEO of Discord is Jason Citron.

Jason’s brother Zachary Citron also works for the company.

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Zachary is a Jew.

The surname Citron is predominantly Jewish.

So it’s reasonably certain Zachary’s brother Jason, the CEO of Discord, is also a Jew.

Furthermore, one of the major investors in Discord is Time Warner Investments.

Given parent company Time Warner’s overall Jewish legacy it’s unsurprising the venture capital subsidiary is headed by Jews.

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In the current climate of infiltrators, doxing, and rogue social media employees snooping on and interfering with “nazi” and “racist” accounts, if previous warnings circulated in far right communities against using Discord on opsec grounds haven’t persuaded you to ditch the platform, Discord’s Jewishness very well should.

I strongly recommend that everyone on the far right, especially for internal communications, move away from centralized, closed source, proprietary, and Jewish platforms like Discord, and adopt decentralized, open source, federated, multi-party-encryption-enabled, and self-hostable platforms such as Matrix and its flagship client Riot.

Ordo Evangelistarum runs a Matrix home server which you can easily connect to using our website’s privately-hosted Riot interface at You can also connect using the official Riot apps or other Matrix clients (some of the latter don’t support encryption yet so you won’t be able to read encrypted rooms), just make sure to set the custom home server to in the login settings. Of course if you already have a Matrix account through any other home server federated with the official public Matrix network, you should be able to use it to access rooms and users hosted on our home server as well.

But if you have the resources and are at least moderately technically inclined, I encourage you to run your own federated Matrix home server since ultimately that’s the most secure option — especially for hosting Riot’s encrypted multi-party VoIP/video conferencing in conjunction with a self-hosted instance of Jitsi Meet, a configuration Riot will enable in the near future (Riot’s one-to-one WebRTC VoIP/video is fully end-to-end encrypted, doesn’t need Jitsi, and works today). Having more servers under far-right control makes it harder for (((them))) to spy on us and to no-platform us from communication services.