What do you call a cross-dressing state representative, a couple of cross-dressing city councilmen, a cross-dressing school board member, a lesbian mayor, and a slew of non-white politicians elected to local and state offices? The Huffington Post dubbed this ragtag bunch of degenerates and non-whites, “The future fights back,” after they were elected a week ago. CNN called the results, “the Democrats’ big night.” The Denver Post said that local voters supporting taxes to fund schools “indicate[s] a progressive monsoon is on the way.” All manner of liberals, progressives, socialists, and communists took to social media to gloat and declare victory in 2018 and 2020. After all, the Four Trans Horsemen of the Apocalypse, their lesbian friend, and a bunch of non-whites had crushed white America and forced President Trump to flee from the field of battle. At least, that is the impression given, as though this was the Democrats’ storming of Normandy.

Three Horsemen and Horsewoman of the Apocalypse

The problem with the celebration is that virtually all of their victories came in areas that should be blue. For example, the Democrats did gain more than a dozen seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, but all of those gains were in districts that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016, primarily in deeply blue Northern Virginia. In other words, Republicans were holding onto seats in state politics that they should not have had based on how those districts voted in national politics. Indeed, Virginia went to Obama in 2008 and 2012, and 3 of the last 4 governors were Democrats. Another problem was that Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for governor, had “made the decision early on not to embrace Trump voters.” An “Establishment Republican,” Gillespie never invited President Trump to campaign for him because he was concerned with how that would appear in the suburbs around D.C., places he was never going to win anyway. For the sake of comparison, President Trump carried 594,540 more voters in 2016 than Gillespie mustered on El Siete. If 40% of those voters had turned out, the Republicans would have taken the governorship. Democrats were motivated by their hatred of patriotism and Christianity, but they were beatable. All the would-be governor had to do was embrace patriotism and Christianity and present a clear choice to motivate real American voters.

Overall, 80 incumbents in the Virginia House of Delegates won reelection while only 13 lost, and, if Gillespie had actually motivated Trump voters, most of those would have been saved. In New Jersey, the State Senate and Assembly remained virtually unchanged, and, while a Democrat took the governorship, 4 of the last 5 governors were Democrats so that is hardly surprising. Despite this, the Democrats and people who pretend to be Republicans on MSNBC have been touting this as President Trump’s Waterloo. As HuffPo made so abundantly clear, they see the future as being one of non-whites, gays, and cross-dressers—all groups they claim President Trump has attacked—and that supposed future fought back at the ballot box. The message being that “progress” cannot be stopped, and the media rushed to tell the world that El Siete forecasts a “tortuous road ahead for [Republican] candidates in the 2018 elections.” In short, Republicans need to start distancing themselves from President Trump, or they will lose the House and Senate because the suburbs have risen in rebellion in defense of the rights of immigrants to move here, non-whites to commit crime, men to use ladies restrooms, and degenerates to fornicate down Main Street in the name of “pride.”

We are simply supposed to accept the Left’s narrative that they are winning, but why then do they feel the need to push it so vociferously if it is true? Would it not simply be apparent to any observer? We are not supposed to notice that Democrats winning in their own territories is not surprising. We are not supposed to notice that the exceedingly liberal types who occupy deep blue suburbs around D.C. have nothing in common with the typical suburban or rural voter in red states. No, the narrative is that Virginia, a red state of the Old South, has only now shifted blue, and we are supposed to think it is because the American people regret President Trump and are rising as one to overthrow him. We are in the Second American Revolution, and this time the Minutemen have been replaced with non-white, gay, and trans Communists who know the real American Dream is Marxism, both economic and cultural. The war has already been lost, and our enemies have won. At least that is what our enemies are working exceedingly hard to convince us of prior to the mid-terms a year from now.