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There is something happening in the world today. Liberals are running away with the institutions that they have infected with their cancer over the past few decades, but there is also a growing sense that the masses are on the verge of fighting back. For example, an ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 10% of Americans admit to supporting the Alt-Right, and, while the Alt-Right in its entirety is not itself a Neo-Nazi movement (despite media claims), 9% of Americans also said that holding “Neo-Nazi views” is acceptable. This is important because scientists in 2011 conducted research that suggests the tipping point for a minority opinion to quickly spread and become the majority is for 10% to hold “an unshakable belief.” Below that, and it “would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority,” but once “that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.” If we take the ABC/WaPo poll to be accurate, that should mean the broader Alt-Right is on the verge of spreading like wild fire, albeit “Neo-Nazi views” are not quite the same. That 1% difference is important per the study, but there is also a very real difference between someone actively supporting the Alt-Right and simply stating that it is “acceptable” for someone to hold “Neo-Nazi views.”

While this is good news to be sure, it should be a red flag as well because the simple truth is that the Alt-Right is not ready to lead the United States or Europe into a new direction. It is all too easy to chant slogans and whatnot, but how do we go about turning “You will not replace us” into actual policy proposals? It is also exceedingly easy to suggest that we could simply deport all non-white people, but what about the mechanics of doing so? There is a rather large and important gap between repeating platitudes and actually being able to show how a desired outcome can be achieved. The Alt-Right has achieved some success with the “memes and marches” strategy (M&M), but online jokes and marching down the street only serve to draw attention without then using that attention to promote concrete policies and ideological positions. For example, the media is all too happy to run goofy article after goofy article after goofy article about a cartoon frog becoming a racist before being assassinated by its creator, but how does that translate into the general public understanding something substantive about the Alt-Right? Similarly, the media clamors to cover torchlight marches at night and street brawls with Antifa, but they do it so that they can control the narrative and ensure the Alt-Right always looks terrible.

For example, let’s return to the ABC/WaPo poll for a moment to see that a plurality, 39-21, believes that the Alt-Right holds “Neo-Nazi views,” and 83% find such views unacceptable. The movement may be on the verge of spreading like wild fire, but are we not also helping to dampen our own chances of that happening? If the Alt-Right has something to offer that people can be convinced to support, does it make sense to package that message in something that scares 4 out of every 5 Americans? Indeed, in the aftermath of Charlottesville, payment processors started banning certain websites and groups from using their services, domain registrars kicked The Daily Stormer off the internet, and liberals are calling for the same to be done to other websites and groups. Hatreon, the right-wing alternative to Patreon, was similarly taken down based on the ludicrous notion that a crowdfunding site was inciting violence and/or hate crimes, albeit it is back up. Richard Spencer and NPI have taken to giving a physical address so that supporters can send them money the old-fashioned way. The fact that leftists and their allies can wake up “in a bad mood” and flippantly decide “someone shouldn’t be allowed on the internet” speaks volumes about the power they wield, but it also highlights that the Alt-Right has been waging a guerrilla war.

Mind you, the M&M strategy of the Alt-Right’s guerrilla war has certainly had some spectacular successes. In early 2016, Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire dismissed the Alt-Right as “stupid children.” Robert Tracinski of The Federalist described the Alt-Right as “white supremacists with delusions of being intellectual.” Benjamin Wallace-Wells of The New Yorker said, “The strains that run through the alt-right—that wrap together the vicious misogyny and plaintive victimhood of GamerGate with Prussia-venerating neo-reactionaries—are in their essence not matters of substance but of style.” Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist, went on live television to say that “most of [the Alt-Right] are childless single men who masturbate to anime. They`re not real and political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.” Despite the Alt-Right apparently being childless, stupid, and perverted man-children who love Prussia and Asian cartoons, who won the 2016 election? Shapiro, Tracinski, and Wilson were all openly anti-Trump, and they were all incredibly wrong about the mood of the country and the nature of the Alt-Right. They failed to realize that them covering the movement was part and parcel of the M&M strategy. They shined a light on what they thought was a monster that wished to avoid being exposed, but the Alt-Right had rather covered itself in golden Pepes and purposely attracted as much light as possible.

They failed to realize that personal anonymity is not the same thing as the movement itself wishing to avoid attention, and they, along with the rest of the media, provided infinitely more attention than such a movement ever could have hoped for otherwise. In so doing, they brought the Alt-Right’s ideas to millions of Americans on a daily basis. The problem now, however, is that the Alt-Right has largely become mired in the memes and marches of the guerrilla war with the all-too-predictable diminishing returns, which have been made all the worse by a minority that has failed to fully grasp the importance of optics. At NPI back in November, some in attendance were seen to throw Nazi salutes and yell, “Hail Trump!” Then an April rally in Pikeville, KY, involving the Traditionalist Workers Party, National Socialist Movement, and League of the South again provided the media with an opportunity to see Nazi salutes next to pro-Trump iconography. Following a successful Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, in May, the KKK decided to have a rally in July, which obviously drew negative attention. That set the stage for Unite the Right, which saw a Nazi flag, an Adolf Hitler t-shirt, and chants of “Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and Soil.”

It could be argued that this fits with the 4th generation model of warfare (4GW) since avowed Nazis are inherently viewed as “domestic terrorists” and as a direct attack on everything the Left holds dear, but this overlooks quite a bit. For example, the Alt-Right is the non-state actor here versus an Orwellian establishment that essentially controls the government and the media, which means they also control what the masses see and hear, and it is left to us to find ways to win over the “hearts and minds” of the general population despite that. When 4 out of 5 Americans thinks “Neo-Nazi views” are unacceptable and the Left controls the media narrative, it only takes a minority waving Nazi flags or chanting Nazi slogans to provide the enemy with propaganda. The Alt-Right must recognize this and engage in another aspect of 4GW: namely, media manipulation. Memes about ovens and such may have been enough to attract attention previously where succès de scandale was possible, but the Alt-Right is a recognized entity now. That means there is something to which media allegations can stick, unlike when it was amorphous.

There is such a thing as bad publicity, but the Left’s inability to not overplay their hand provides a golden opportunity. For example, it is almost guaranteed that any Alt-Right gathering will draw media attention as well as a “counter-protest” by communist groups including Antifa, Refuse Fascism, International Workers of the World, &c. Why not draw them into such a situation and then present to the world a sea of American flags, anti-communist slogans, and general Americana? The communists hate all of that as much as anything, and they would still attack leaving the media forced to cover it since they typically advertise their coverage well ahead of time. To the masses turning on the news, they would be presented with black-clad communists waving Soviet flags attacking Americans waving patriotic flags, all while the media tries to tell them that the communists are actually the good guys while the patriots are the villains. In the minds of the masses, that actually helps to set the counter-narrative without the Alt-Right having its own media platforms. People may hate Nazis, but they also hate commies. We must manipulate the media into destroying its own defense of the Bolsheviks and its attacks on the Alt-Right as “Neo-Nazis.”

Another thing that the Alt-Right must realize in its ongoing 4GW guerrilla war against the Establishment is that being decentralized and lacking a single hierarchy can be valuable tools, but that does not have to mean the movement is leaderless and directionless. There has been a tendency in the movement towards either wanting to avoid any kind of leadership at all, or equating leadership with “content creation.” The former is odd from a movement that universally recognizes the flaws inherent in a true democracy, but the latter is also lacking since someone being funny or interesting on a podcast, or producing the best memes, does not necessarily mean they have the acumen to organize and lead a revolution. What we need to see is a hydra where the Left is presented with a beast that has a single purpose and direction yet can survive any one head being cut off, but that requires something much more than the current M&M strategy.

What the Alt-Right needs moving forward are institutions and infrastructure (I&I). This can be as simple as starting a local German American or Italian American group to celebrate one’s ethnicity, or a political organization involved in local or state politics, or, as this site seeks to do, establishing a traditionalist religious body. Having its own institutions would help the Alt-Right Hydra to spread into many different domains, both attracting new people while making it harder for the Left to stop the movement, or any part thereof. If innocent ethnic clubs can instill pride back in people without speaking of gas or ovens, does that not benefit the movement? If people with Alt-Right ideas can start to engage openly in local politics, does that not help shift things on the ground? If traditionalist Christians, who recognize the problems with Pope Francis establishing a special commission to discuss female deacons, allowing a nun to perform a wedding, declaring modernist heresies are irreversible, and having his own adviser’s secretary caught amid a drug-fueled homosexual orgy in the Palace of the Inquisition, can start to evangelize for the true faith, does that not also strengthen the general cause of traditionalism in our society?

To have such institutions, there must also be infrastructure to sustain them. At its most basic level, this means funding. Richard Spencer and NPI cannot be expected to do what they do without some sort of support. The same is true of Andrew Anglin and The Daily Stormer, and for Nathan Damigo and Identity Evropa. And, yes, the same is true of this ministry. Whether using Hatreon, Patreon, PayPal, or something else, the broader Alt-Right needs to realize that the movement requires institutions, institutions require infrastructure, and infrastructure requires funding. The Alt-Right may not have its own George Soros willing to give $50,000 to a group to start a riot, but we do have a grassroots movement that can provide a foundation all the same by recognizing the value in such efforts and providing needed support.

Consider that the liberal Chapo Trap House podcast brings in $80,000 per month on Patreon. “Roaming Millennial,” who has compared the Alt-Right to the Alt-Left, makes $4,400 per month. These speak to the fact that liberals will fund things that serve their needs, even if that need is simply acting as an echo chamber. And they are by no means unique as the general population will also fund all manner of trivial things. For example, The Last Podcast On The Left discusses serial killers, UFOs, and such for $25,000 per month. Jim “The Jimquisition” Sterling makes over $12,000 per month to discuss video games. Buffering the Vampire Slayer makes $3,100 per month to discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that went off the air more than a decade ago. This all demonstrates precisely how upside-down society is at the moment, but it also speaks to the value of crowdfunding. Indeed, the average patron of all of the above pays only $4.52 per month, or 15 cents per day. Can the Alt-Right not muster the same to fund a revolution?

For example, at the moment, Fr. John has nearly 3,800 followers on twitter. Let’s assume that 20% of those are leftists or whatnot, leaving about 3,000 that care about the cause. If those 3,000 donated just $3.00 per month on average, or 10 cents per day, this ministry could actually afford to expand where it has footholds in several states and Canada, to train, equip, and plant traditionalist evangelists that can begin working in their own communities. Those who say they want to see the faith reclaimed from liberals could actually help in such an effort. The same is true of supporting any of the secular or religious Alt-Right outlets, groups, and so on that are attempting to organize against our shared enemies.

The reality is the Alt-Right has a sufficient base to fund at least basic infrastructure for the establishment of friendly institutions, and the shift from M&M to I&I will be important going forward. The Alt-Right needs to remain decentralized to an extent to fight the good fight on its own terms, but that does not mean things are limited to memes and haphazard marches that can be entirely subverted by one person with a Nazi flag. The same strategy and tactics will not continue working as though the enemy is incapable of adapting, and we need to recognize that refusing to adapt will make it all too easy for the government and the media to abuse their positions of authority so as to put barriers between the Alt-Right and the masses. The movement must adapt to survive, and that means creating the infrastructure and institutions needed to carry the message forward and to keep fighting until it finally does spread like wild fire.