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From 1917-1935, the communist regime in Russia arrested 130,000 Orthodox priests of which 95,000 were executed, and, from 1917-1940, the number of Orthodox churches in Russia fell from nearly 60,000 to less than 500. Another 100,000 priests were executed in additional purges of 1937-1938. In Spain from 1936-1939, leftists executed more than 6,800 clergy, seminarians, monks, and nuns. From 1926-1929 in what was known as the Cristero War, Mexican President Plutarco Calles, who “wanted to bring Mexico’s population to belong to a Socialist state,” implemented laws “outlawing religious orders, closing Catholic schools, depriving the Church of property rights and depriving the clergy of civil liberties, including their right to trial by jury in cases involving anti-clerical laws, and the right to vote,” which resulted in the Mexican government persecuting “the clergy, massacring suspected priests, lay followers, Catholic educators and businessmen and their supporters.” From 1949-1957, the Chinese Communist Party had “killed over 11,000 religious adherents and had arbitrarily arrested and extorted money from many more,” and a study in 2002 found that “130,000 Christians were under government surveillance.” All told, beyond these Christians, the 20th century death toll of communism could be as high as 200 million.

Despite all of the above, some refuse to learn the lessons of history, and violent communists are again a very real concern. For example, Refuse Fascism, founded by Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party, claims to oppose “fascism,” but that term is applied to all of their enemies to justify violence (as seen above). Similarly, Yvette Felarca—an organizer for Antifa, which goes back to the German Communist Party in 1932—has defended her criminal behavior saying, “Standing up against fascism and the rise of Nazism and fascism in this country is not a crime. We have the right to defend ourselves.” Dartmouth College professor Mark Bray has similarly argued that leftists attacking those they think are “fascists” is actually just self-defense. Heather Heyer, called a “peaceful counter-protester” by the liberal media, was a member of the International Workers of the World, a Marxist organization founded in 1905, whose members engaged in violence against police officers in similar “protests” earlier this year. Heyer was herself part of an armed mob that had already stopped two vehicles, and it was a member of said mob that was seen on video attacking a third car, causing it to accelerate into the stopped vehicles, resulting in Heyer’s death. The armed mob was then seen swarming the car (as seen below), forcing the driver to flee.

Keith Campbell, a conservative reporter, was brutally attacked by a gang of Antifa in Berkeley, CA, and he was only saved when Al Letson, another reporter, threw himself in the way (as seen below). Shane Bauer, a senior reporter for Mother Jones, has since tacitly defended this Antifa attack, wherein “the attackers called [Campbell] by name and knew him from his YouTube channel,” because Campbell is supposedly “an antagonistic, racist misogynist.” Joey Gibson, who attempted to organize a right-wing prayer rally in Berkeley, was chased by Antifa thugs, who were caught on video attempting to hit him with bats and throwing things at him, until he reached safety with police. As detailed here previously, other leftists such as “Black Lives Matter” have called for “dead cops” with their supporters making good on the threats.

Despite these examples and more, countless Christians not only refuse to denounce these communists but actively support them. For example, Brian McLaren, founder of Cedar Ridge Community Church in Baltimore, MD, asked, “What would possess these young white men (and a few women) to chant hateful anti-Semitic and racist slogans, to shout homophobic, xenophobic and misogynistic slurs, to speak of putting Jews in ovens and driving people of color off of ‘their’ soil?” In other words, those who abide by the Christian faith—recognizing that God divided mankind (Deut. 32:8), that the Pharisees are the children of Satan (John 8:42-47), that sodomy and cross-dressing are sins (Lev. 20:13, Deut. 22:5), that nonbelievers should not live among the faithful lest they might lead them astray (Numbers 33:55), and that traditional gender roles exist for a reason (1 Peter 3:7)—are the villains in McLaren’s mind. Indeed, rather than shaming communists, McLaren instead cites Christian Picciolini, a radical who claims to have essentially founded racism before turning, who received $400,000 from the Obama administration and has called for revolution against President Trump “to put an end to this nonsense once and for all.”

Writing for the Courier-Journal, Jordan Harris said, “Conservatives, libertarians, and Christians of all stripes need to distance themselves, and fast, from even the most nominal association with the alt-right, and work to purge its views from the national dialogue immediately… The integration of Christian values as a moral guide is rejected by the alt-right… Coupled with blatant racism, this molding helps to explain the movement’s opposition to immigration.” Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention did not criticize the communists, but he did declare that “ethnic nationalism is not just a deviant social movement [but] is the same old idolatry of the flesh,” a sort of “devil-worship that often pretends that it is speaking for God.” Speaking to the Napa Institute Summer Conference, José Gomez, Archbishop of Los Angeles, pointed “to the original sin of slavery, to the tragic mistreatment of native populations, to ongoing injustices such as racism” so as to criticize America, and he continued to say that, in the aftermath of Charlottesville, “we are challenged to address the persistence of racial prejudice and nativism.”

Noticeably absent from this and similar “virtue signaling” is any sort of criticism of the violent Neo-Bolsheviks of Antifa, Refuse Fascism, International Workers of the World, and so on. These supposed Christians will criticize peaceful marches with tiki torches, but they remain silent as violent communists attempt to literally set people on fire (as seen above). Communism has a long and brutal history in opposition to Christianity with many martyrs left in its bloody wake, and a new generation of violent Bolsheviks are again espousing the same sociopolitical views along with the same violent urge to silence any and all opposition. Yet the communists are escaping any real criticism from supposed Christians, who are instead using “Nazi” and “fascist” to label anyone who opposes the communists so as to dismiss them out of hand—the same tactic used by the communists themselves.

The only reasonable conclusion that can be reached is that these communist sympathizers are only Christian insofar as it furthers their political ideology and that they would abandon their supposed faith once their comrades came to power. Otherwise, we are left to assume that they are so delusional that they are willfully helping their would-be executioners to come to power because they think destroying Christianity somehow serves God. When we consider how often such “Christians” espouse ecumenism and the embracing of sin in direct contravention of the Word, it seems safe to assume that they place their political views above God. In no uncertain terms, if someone supports Antifa and the like, then they are not Christians but are instead actively and willfully advocating for the new generation of communists to do what their ideological forefathers did: namely, murdering the truly faithful.