What is the Alt-Right? If you ask the media, it is a movement of nihilistic white supremacists. Or atheists obsessed with Nietzsche. Or meme magicians obsessed with The Matrix. Or a hodgepodge of loons who hate the founding documents of the United States. Or a plague of racist Nazi frogs. Whatever the Alt-Right movement is, the media is fairly certain that they understand it. Just ask the gay Swedish man who went “undercover” in the movement for a year. Or the black man who went “undercover” online for 8 months. One thing the media knows is that the racist, sexist, existentialist, nihilist, atheist, amphibious meme wizards are very mean and oppose everything that is good in the world (hedonism, immigration, &c.).

The Alt-Right (as perceived by the media)

Anyone familiar with the actual movement, however, immediately notices how utterly shallow the media’s understanding is. They consistently paint a picture of young, atheist Nazis who are obsessed with German philosophers and memes, but their go-to talking points are only ever slightly applicable to certain factions within the movement. The media removes all context and nuance so as to simplify things so everyone is a “Nazi” and everything is “Nazism.” Are you a classical liberal who opposes demographic replacement? Nazi. Are you a monarchist who opposes globalism? Nazi. Are you a Neo-Confederate that supports self-determination? Nazi. Are you a libertarian who is simply afraid of the rise of Neo-Bolshevism? Nazi. The media has a vested interest in painting the Alt-Right into a very specific corner and keeping it there.

Indeed, the Left, of which the media is the propaganda arm, needs the Alt-Right to be a caricature from which most people will instinctively run. Otherwise, the masses may actually give the movement a fair hearing. To this current generation of Bolsheviks, nothing is more terrifying than what they found terrifying in the 1930’s and 40’s: namely, Nazis. The United States spent far longer fighting Communists, who also killed about 100 million people in the 20th century, but, for certain people, the Nazis will always be their bogeyman. That is why Richard Spencer has become the media’s perception of the entire Alt-Right. While Spencer is not himself a Nazi, he has certainly toyed with the accusation. He also has the “Nazi haircut,” the love of Nietzsche, and the atheism. It helps that Nazi salutes and chants are never very far away. Again, however, Spencer does not self-identify as such, but that is irrelevant to the narrative.

How the Left views the world

The actual Alt-Right is not a single, monolithic entity, which is painfully obvious to anyone who has witnessed the nearly constant infighting between the various factions. There are certainly Nazis, but there are also a variety of ideologies that fall under the umbrella term of “fascism” as well as monarchists, republicans, &c. There are atheists, but there are also Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, various types of pagan, and so on. Some love Nietzsche while others love St. Thomas Aquinas. The Alt-Right is a movement bound together by a love of the West and a desire to see it preserved, and, yes, that means preserving the European peoples who built it. That single strand of thought ties together different factions who otherwise would find much over which they disagree, but preserving the West in its totality (peoples, cultures, history) does not transform everyone into atheist Nazis with a certain haircut and a love of Nietzsche.

The Alt-Right (your mileage may vary)

This reality of the Alt-Right speaks to why the Left wants to define everyone as “Nazis” and also why it is so important to counter that purposeful branding by the enemy. Most Americans have a conditioned reaction when they hear things like “Nazi” and “atheist,” and that is the media’s entire game… making the Alt-Right seem terrible to the very people to whom it must appeal. If white, working class Americans associate the Alt-Right with “atheist Nazis trying to burn the Constitution,” they will largely just tune the movement out, which is a win for the Left. Indeed, the Democrats do not care about winning over the white population since they import voters anyway, so they only need to ensure that the white majority remains docile until it is too late. The Alt-Right threatens these endless machinations by focusing on the Culture War in its entirety across all fronts and screaming about it all from the rooftops.

In this vein, as Nicholas J. Fuentes noted after Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida (and noted here in August), there is little doubt that the movement’s optics could be better, which is easily achieved by not steering into the Left’s narrative. Per Fuentes, imagine Spencer in a navy suit with red tie and American flag lapel pin, flanked by American flags, and discussing things in terms of the Founding Fathers and such. Relative to thinking Spencer is a Nazi, how might the average American respond to that versus literal communists waving Soviet flags and screaming that Spencer and those attending the speech are all “Nazis”? Rather than reinforcing the Left’s narrative, such a scene would demolish it. Yes, the Left would continue spinning and crying about “Nazis,” but that is the entire point.

The Alt-Right needs the Culture War to be seen in the starkest of terms: tradition vs. modernity, stability vs. chaos, patriotism vs. globalism, &c. That forces the observer to make an honest choice between the Left and Right, which is something to which they are not accustomed since the GOP is just a different brand of liberalism. Indeed, Republicans such as Ben Sasse, Bill Kristol, and Jonah Goldberg have made careers out of keeping whites on the political plantation, but their ideology only seems viable relative to the Marxism of the Democrats. It is a false dichotomy that must be broken, and the only way to do that is to force voters to choose between George Washington and Karl Marx, Thomas Jefferson and Vladimir Lenin, Benjamin Franklin and Lev “Leon Trotsky” Bronstein. Would Ben Sasse openly condemn the Founding Fathers for limiting citizenship to whites, which they did in 1790? Would Bill Kristol attack Thomas Jefferson for saying that freed slaves should “be removed beyond the reach of mixture [with whites]”? Would Jonah Goldberg condemn Ben Franklin for saying that the Americas should be kept free of Africans and Asians?

Fellow whites in media try to defend GOP against Alt-Right

The center-left GOP may play along with the Left’s oppression olympics wherein “racism” is the greatest sin, but they also rely on voters that love the Founding Fathers, who stand during the National Anthem, and who take great pride in Old Glory. If those same voters can be shown that the Alt-Right is coming to them legitimately and rightfully carrying a cross and wrapped in the flag, will they turn their backs on the Constitution and the men who wrote it in favor of literal communists? When presented in terms they cannot ignore, will they willingly submit their children and grandchildren to the Democrats’ future “a non-white baby in every white womb” program? The GOP has spent decades providing a safe space for white voters to hide, where they can tell themselves everything will be fine so long as they aren’t “racist,” and the Alt-Right does its own cause a disservice by playing the stereotypical villain in the Left’s movie. We are not living in 1930’s Germany, and behaving otherwise helps no one but the Left.

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Now, some may say that embracing Americanism is surrendering on some level, but is it? Again, the founding generation limited citizenship to whites. They also did not allow women to vote, allowed white men to own literal warships, opposed “permanent alliances” that would bind the US to foreign powers, supported protectionism to favor US manufacturers, proposed castrating sodomites, &c. They were by no means perfect, but they were infinitely preferable to what exists today. And, if given the chance, the Alt-Right has more than 200 years of history showing what not to do so as to avoid the same outcome. Stop playing into the Left’s hands by being, ironically or not, precisely what they want and need us to be.