CNN is currently embroiled in a scandal wherein one of their reporters, Andrew Kaczynski, tracked down an anonymous person on the internet and threatened to dox him because he had made a satirical image making fun of the network (Source). Donie O’Sullivan, a CNN producer, praised Kaczynski for his “reporting” because “horrible, racist keyboard warriors change tune once identified” (Source). Chris Cuomo, an anchor on CNN, asked his Twitter followers if CNN should dox the person because he had posted “a lot of bigoted and hateful material” to Reddit (Source). Cuomo’s co-host, Alisyn Camerota, made it abundantly clear “that CNN found the Reddit user” and that he then offered a “very full-throated … apology” while asking that CNN “not reveal his name or whereabouts” (Source). Chris Cillizza, a commentator on the network, said that he did not expect an apology “once [they] tracked him down” but that “it’s actually a nice thing” (Source). Kirsten Powers, a CNN political analyst, took to Twitter to declare that the Reddit user had no right to anonymity or privacy because he had spewed “racist, misogynist, homophobic garbage” and that “racism is not an opinion” (Source, Source). Under ever increasing scrutiny, Kaczynski would defend his “reporting” by claiming the person he had threatened with doxing had called him to say he “was not threatened in anyway” (Source).

Notice that a major media outlet—nearly 40 years old and worth approximately $10 billion—hunted down a US citizen for having views with which leftists disagree, and the reporters of that outlet have blatantly and publicly defended it by citing “racism,” “white supremacy,” “antisemitism,” “xenophobia,” and so on. Indeed, the Reddit user’s list of crimes includes highlighting the number of Jews who work at CNN, attributing feces found in Starbucks coffee to the company’s policy of hiring Muslim immigrants, highlighting links between Democrat-controlled regions of the country and elevated crime rates, and implying that Barack Obama—born to a Kenyan Muslim and partly raised by an Indonesian Muslim—might himself secretly be a Muslim (Source). None of these things is a crime in the United States, but, as Kirsten Powers said, “racism is not an opinion” with “racism” meaning anything that leftists dislike. After all, leftists regularly complain about any entity being “too white” including historical depictions of white people (Source), so why is it antisemitic to point out that CNN is disproportionately Jewish? Is it not at least possible that Starbucks’s policy of hiring Third World immigrants could be responsible for their issues with unsanitary conditions? Is it racist to see what federal crime statistics show every year: namely, that black people disproportionately commit crime?


“Racism” appears to mean “noticing things that those on the political left would prefer you did not notice,” but there is an inherent conundrum to this because what the issue boils down to is that it is “racist” for you to question the multicultural, multiracial Utopia that the left imagines one day dominating the entire world. For example, leftists cheered in 2015 and again in 2016 when the women named “Miss Japan” were half-black and then half-Indian (Source, Source). Indeed, foreign leftists said that Japan needed to “look at itself” because many Japanese people resented the nation not being represented by purely Japanese women (Source). That was little different from leftists cheering when a half-Chinese woman was named Miss Finland (Source) or when a Nigerian defeated a field of native Finnish women for the title of Miss Helsinki (Source). European nations are even praised when their national sports teams are comprised largely of foreigners (Source). The end result of the multiculturalism and multiracialism pushed by the political left is that no nation in the world will retain its national and ethnic identity in the future. Some nations may take longer to succumb to these forces, but that leftists want them to do so is beyond question. No one will be safe in the long-term.

Consider the fact that it has been estimated the United States will be majority non-white by 2043, which leftists tell us will be amazing due to all of the foreign food, music, television, and dancing that will be brought here (Source). By 2050, it has been estimated that Irish people will be a minority in Ireland (Source). By 2066, native British people will be a minority in Britain (Source), and non-whites have been a majority in London for years (Source). Germany has seen a massive influx of foreigners, and natives are already a minority in places such as Frankfurt (Source). While it may seem like leftists are focused on destroying the West, we must again look to how they have also turned their ire on Japan for resisting the loss of their national and ethnic identity. The ultimate objective is clear: namely, that “Irish,” “English,” “German,” and “Japanese” will all become pointless labels completely devoid of any ethnic or national meaning. This is why leftists often avoid the ethnic consideration and fall back on such terms being defined by citizenship, not ethnicity. They want to ultimately see everyone—white or not—reduced to having no separate identity whatsoever.

To understand this, we need only carry the leftist ideal to its logical conclusion. If every nation becomes a mixture of cultures and races, the inevitable outcome is the sort of syncretism seen in places such as Brazil, where races, religions, and cultures all run together until there is virtually no difference between them. In the mid-term, such syncretism may vary between nations, but the open borders favored by leftists would eventually result in cross-pollination until there was no difference left (Source). Indeed, leftists already openly praise the concept of a “giant amalgamated mega-race” as “beautiful” because it will end “racism” (Source). Leftists may celebrate terms such as “Blackanese, Filatino, Chicanese, and Korgentinian,” but the reality is that they would see each of those continue mixing until there is no distinguishing between them (Source). To build the leftists’ “anti-racist” Utopia, all of the unique races and ethnicities in the world must be sacrificed. Non-whites may enjoy the concept of attacking “white privilege” because they expect to benefit in the process, but the dark reality is that they are tying the same noose around their own necks. They too will eventually see their nationality, ethnicity, and race sacrificed to remove all differences.

Now, let’s return to leftists currently screaming about “racism.” For example, while visiting Poland, President Trump visited a Polish World War II monument while bypassing a similar Jewish example. In response, Alan Dershowitz said that doing so was a “mistake” and that visiting the Jewish monument “would have sent a powerful message about Western civilization” that countered the Polish government’s nationalism “that focuses on what happened to people of Polish, not Jewish, ethnicity” (Source). Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, program director at Warsaw’s Museum of the History of Polish Jews, complained that the Polish government believes “to be Polish is to be ethnically Polish, speak the Polish language, and be Catholic. This is how they approach Polish history” (Ibid.). Consider what both of them are saying here. Dershowitz is espousing the notion that Western civilization is not about Europeans themselves but is rather inclusive of others who happen to move to Europe, and Kirshenblatt-Gimblett explicitly seeks to separate “Polish” from the Polish people, their language, their religion, and their history. Why should the President of the United States focus on anyone but the Polish people when visiting Poland? Why should the Polish people seek to place others above their own in their own nation? That is the sort of thinking that would see “Polish” applied to any people, any language, any religion, all in an effort to combat nationalism and its opposition to leftist ideals.

“Democrats are the real racists” is a tactical phrase that neoconservatives have used unsuccessfully in an effort to turn the “racism” narrative against leftists, but there is a certain truth to it. Imagine a person who is not Chinese yet lives in China complaining the “Chinese government thinks ‘Chinese’ means being ethnically Chinese, speaking Mandarin, and believing in Chinese folk religion,” as though “Chinese” should also include peoples, languages, and religions that are not native to and not associated with China. Who then actually seeks to destroy the various races and ethnicities around the world? The supposedly “racist” ideology of separation would see diversity preserved for future generations whereas the leftist utopian inclusiveness would see them all bred into oblivion. The far-right opposes diversity on the micro scale because doing so actually preserves it on a macro scale, each people seeking to preserve their own, but the far-left forces diversity on the micro scale even though that means permanently destroying it the world over.

“Democrats are the real racists” fails not because it isn’t true but rather because it represents rightists conceding that multiracialism is valid. After all, the argument immediately proceeds to claims that “race doesn’t matter as long as they believe in small government.” The so-called “conservatives” thus willingly allow themselves to be locked into a spiral where the West continues importing foreigners, which is precisely what the leftists want. No, race, ethnicity, and nationality do matter, and we must be willing to preserve our own. We must reject the false cage that the leftists have built to contain us. We must blow up the status quo and engage them on our own terms, and that means showing that truly defending diversity means opposing globalism. Nations can be friends without flooding each other with migrants, without sacrificing what makes each unique. Leftists are the ones who would see every race, ethnicity, or nationality wiped from this earth. Every time they encourage miscegenation, what they are really encouraging is the destruction of unique peoples. Every time they celebrate that a white nation will become a brown nation, they are not telling you that they are anti-racist, but they are rather telling you that they are the ultimate racists. After all, the only reason to want to force all differences to be destroyed is because they recognize the reality and importance of those differences, and they hate them because uniqueness stands in the way of the communism they desire.

Make no mistake. When CNN hunts down someone for his “racist, misogynist, homophobic garbage,” what they really mean is that they cannot abide someone who opposes their godless agenda to erect a new Tower of Babel. Leftists want one “mega-race” speaking one, muddled language and living under one, godless world structure. It is not the far-right who seeks to turn Japan into a multiracial, multicultural land with no identity. It is not the far-right who seeks to use peoples as weapons through migration, robbing them of their own uniqueness in an effort to infiltrate and destroy others at the same time. It is not the far-right who are the enemies of true diversity, but leftists have misled the masses so that they think the fire consuming the world is the real diversity, the real tolerance, because there are different types of kindling thrown into the flames.