On the most recent episode of The Orville, entitled “Mad Idolatry,” the crew of the USS Orville is studying an uncharted star when a planet suddenly appears out of nowhere, causing one of the ship’s shuttles to crash on said planet. While waiting for the shuttle to be repaired, Commander Kelly Grayson (seen in blue above) encounters two young girls from the planet’s Bronze Age society with one of them becoming injured while trying to run away. Grayson heals the small girl with a device and introduces herself yet then flees when adults come looking for the girl. After the planet then vanishes again and reappears 11 days later, scans reveal that 700 years have passed on the planet with them now having a medieval society. The crew is also shocked to discover that the planet now has a religion revolving around their goddess, Kelly, who they believe will divinely heal the innocent. The planet even has its own pope of sorts dressed all in white and wearing a clear imitation of a bishop’s mitre, and he is also assisted by another cleric dressed in a similar fashion to a cardinal. How can the crew of the Orville fix this situation?

It is ultimately decided that Commander Grayson will reveal herself to the Space Pope and convince him that she is not a goddess. Her endeavor is successful as he accepts that she is simply an alien, and the crew goes back to their ship to wait another 11 days to see if the worship of “Kelly” has gone away. What they failed to account for, however, was that the “cardinal” previously mentioned would murder the “pope” so as to protect the governing power of the church. When the planet reappears, instead of the religion dying out, it has now spawned its own televangelists and atheists with the planet’s society being similar to ours today. Since the prior plan failed, it is decided that Isaac, an artificial being (seen at far right above), should stay on the planet so as to guide them through the next shift as the time would not affect him. As expected, when the planet next appears, it has advanced immensely so that it seems to have surpassed the Orville.

Up to this point (last few minutes of the episode), this all seems like a fairly standard story for a science fiction show. The characters keep going on about “cultural contamination” of a less advanced species, which mirrors Star Trek‘s so-called “Prime Directive.” What really stands out, however, is that neither of the representatives who appear on the Orville for the last time are white but are instead a biracial male and a black female. The reason this stands out is because everyone on the planet we had seen throughout the Bronze, Middle, and Information Ages were white except for one black reporter in the latter. The two non-white representatives then proceed to comfort Commander Grayson by saying that religion is a necessary part of a society maturing. If it had not been her, they would have worshiped someone or something else. Now, however, they have abandoned their religion, have embraced reason, and travel throughout the galaxy in the alternative universe where they spend their 700 years at a time. Over the course of the episode, we see the planet advance more than two millennia, and, in that time, they go from a white society and white religion to being represented by two black people dressed all in white dismissing the old ways as silly. And, oddly enough, no one comments on the fact that everyone was white and yet their ambassadors are not.

In just that last few minutes with the casting and directorial choices made, we see the “mad idolatry” of Hollywood and the political Left. When they wanted to depict the Bronze Age, they showed primitive whites. When they wanted to depict the Middle Ages, they showed a dirty village populated with dirty white people. When they wanted to depict the Information Age, they showed whites as atheists and fundamentalists, uselessly barking at each other. But when it came time to show an advanced people of the Space Age that had moved beyond all of the silliness of previous ages, it was two black people. That is precisely how the Left sees the world and what they want to achieve. They associate every ill with whites and Christianity, and they celebrate as nations such as the United States and United Kingdom are set to become non-white countries in a few decades. They go out of their way to celebrate European royal houses being slowly Africanized by hedonistic royals with no sense of duty or responsibility to their people. The non-white future that leftists envision will be peaceful and prosperous. They also promise us it is too late to stop them.

The Orville put the leftist fantasy on full display. At the beginning of the episode, in a more blink-and-you-missed-it moment, we see that Chief Engineer John LaMarr (black) is in a sexual relationship with a white ensign. We then see the inevitable result of such demographic displacement and replacement: namely, a white civilization becoming black. The miscegenation and the black aliens may seem disconnected to the casual viewer, but they provide the bookends to the episode. So, from beginning to end, we have the leftist fantasy about the here and now (interracial fornication) and the fantasy about the future (blacks traveling through space unburdened by ignorant whites). And that transition is held to go hand-in-hand with the secularization of society… abandoning religion and embracing “reason.”

Now, in light of this leftist fantasy, let’s ponder the recent special election in Alabama. Roy Moore, famous for defending Christianity in the public sphere and ardently opposing “gay marriage,” lost to Doug Jones, who is infamous for defending infanticide and supporting cross-dressing soldiers… in Alabama. It has been more than two decades since Alabama last elected a Democrat to the US Senate, but they just elected someone who is in favor of abortion, “gay rights,” open borders, and so on. How can this be? It would be all too easy to attribute Moore’s loss to the fact that the leftist media has worked for weeks to label him as “an accused pedophile,” “a bigot, not just an alleged pedophile,” and so on. It did not matter that Moore never actually committed an act of pedophilia since fellow Republicans attacked him over it, Libertarians joined the Democrats in calling him a “pedophile,” &c. The Establishment Left and Right were unified in their efforts, and, while it is true that 52% of voters said they believed the allegations, 35% said the allegations were not a factor at all in their vote and another 19% said they were only a minor factor.

What then was the driving force behind Moore’s loss? Simply put: demographics. Overall, the black vote represented 2 of every 7 voters, and Jones won 96% of those, representing 55.8% of his total voters. In effect, Jones was guaranteed nearly 28% of the vote based on the black population alone. For Moore to overcome that, he needed to win at least 76% of the white vote, but even President Trump failed to achieve that in 45 out of 67 counties in the state in 2016. In short, there was simply no chance that Moore could win enough of the white vote due to the self-hating white liberal segment of the population, and things will only get worse as the United States is set to become “minority majority” in the next few decades.

The United States, and indeed the whole of the West, is currently facing the same fate as the mysterious planet in The Orville, and the Left has worked long and hard to achieve those results. Leftists are already bragging that “African American voters made Doug Jones a US Senator,” saying that “Doug Jones won because of black women trying to save America,” and boasting that “black voters lifted Doug Jones over Roy Moore.” They have also started shaming a majority of white women for voting for Moore, saying they suffer from “internalized misogyny.” Whites in general are being shamed with claims that supporting Roy Moore is about “white supremacy” and that standing by Moore was “insane.” Leftists imagine that their preferred future will involve Space Africans colonizing the galaxy, but, back in reality, we can see that the states with the lowest math scores are 45.1% non-white on average, the lowest reading scores 52.1%, and 9 of 10 states with the worst school performance overall are disproportionately non-white. While whites are blamed for non-white performance problems, we can look to the fact that Latinos and blacks have a mean IQ of 89 and 85, respectively. This means that two-thirds of Latinos and three-quarters of blacks have an IQ below 95.

This is the mad idolatry of the Left, worshiping the false god of equality and promoting a false sense of diversity at the micro level while they destroy it at the macro level. They gleefully declare that “white people are cancelled,” and they actually believe that a future where 75-85% of the population has an IQ below 100 will fix all of the world’s ills. We are told there will be better food, amazing music, better TV, booming business, great dancing, more tolerance, more creativity, and, presumably, interstellar travel. When the entire West has demographics similar to Detroit, all will be right in the world because nothing will be white.