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The first day of the #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville, VA, has come and gone. Leftists had promised that they would turn out in droves to oppose the gathering, but that never materialized, at least not yet. For example, the “Charlottesville Clergy Collective” has said they want 1,000 religious leaders—preferably white—to descend on the town, ostensibly to create the optics that white Christians are on the side of liberals, progressives, Marxists, homosexuals, Muslims, and the rest of the godless alliance of the modern left. The liberal media has been hyping this as “a weekend of white nationalist demonstrations and counterprotests” with Charlottesville feeling “like a city under siege.”

In other words, the leftists want UniteTheRight to be seen as evil Nazis descending on an innocent, sleepy town just to be confronted by white clergy and peaceful protesters, but Day 1 has come and gone without that happening. Instead, it was a large group of peaceful white people with tiki torches marching and gathering while saying things like, “White lives matter,” and, “You will not replace us,” references to purposeful demographic changes being made to the country through liberal policies such as mass Third World immigration, subsidizing of disproportionately non-white families through welfare programs, &c. Those taking part in the rally were not monsters. They were white men wearing polo shirts and khakis. They were not advocating for genocide but rather speaking out in favor of their own people having a right to live, a right to self-determination… the sort of arguments that liberals happily make about non-white peoples, homosexuals, transsexuals, people who think they are cats, anyone who isn’t a Christian, &c.

Funnily enough, it was Emily Gorcenski (seen above), a “transwoman” who lives in Charlottesville, who took to Twitter earlier in the day to declare that he was armed with a 9mm pistol while “Nazis be about” but then later said that what he had “just witnessed was the end of America.” What had he just seen to make him declare such a thing? Well, as it turns out, he saw that only a very small number of leftists showed up to challenge the rally, were drastically outnumbered by #UniteTheRight, and that is it. He was not assaulted. No one was killed. All he witnessed was that rightists showed up, peacefully marched, and were not then attacked by rabid leftists, but he still ranted at the internet, “Where the f–k are the rest of you to defend against this?! This is 20 people! This is 20 people standing against what is coming! … When fascism came back, 40 people stood against hundreads. Where are you?!”

Similarly, Erin Schrode (seen above), a leftist activist from California, took to Twitter to say that “Nazis, white supremacists [and] alt-right march with torches… Unopposed? Unstopped?” Notice that no one at #UniteTheRight was dressed as Adolf Hitler, no one was yelling anything about ovens or exterminating the mud people, or anything else of the sort, albeit even if they had been that would still be no justification for trying to stop a peaceful march. The rally had the simple and reasonable point that white people deserve their own countries, peoples, and cultures just as much as anyone else, and the leftists hate it because the same arguments they use for “indigenous peoples” are being used against them. Why should the United States or Europe be flooded with Third World foreigners? Leftists cannot make a coherent argument in favor of their would-be Tower of Babel so they call everyone a Nazi and hope no one notices.

The moral of this story is that people on the political right need to wake up. No matter what you say or do, you will be called a Nazi by leftists. No matter what you say or do, leftists will say that attacking and even killing Nazis is justifiable. All it takes is one mentally unstable man with a 9mm pistol telling himself that he is fighting Hitler by shooting up a peaceful rally, and such people are already showing up, already telling themselves and the world that you are all evil Nazis, and that they have a chance to stop Hitler 2.0 who is likely in the crowd wearing a polo shirt and khakis. The left is not going to calm down. They are out for blood, and now is the time to stand up to them before it is too late. The left’s position is clear—submit to their every degenerate, hedonistic, godless demand, or be labeled as a Nazi and be viewed as a legitimate target for violence and death. A National Review subscription will not save you.