In the 2008 film Role Models, Ken Jeong played King Argotron, ruler of a live-action role-playing game, or LARP. At one point in the film, we see Argotron in a restaurant with his men, led by Davith of Glencracken (Matt Walsh). Not only do the “king” and his followers stay in-character outside of the game, but they expect others to do so as well. For example, Argotron refers to the restaurant as his, and he expects a third party to kiss his ring. The only means through which his desire is enforced is social pressure: namely, do as he wishes, or he will have you excluded from the LARP. This is the same dynamic that has been playing out in recent years regarding “transgenderism,” or people claiming to be the opposite sex. Now, compare the above with Justin “Riley Jay” Dennis’s assertion, “As a trans woman, I’m not MTF (male to female) because I was never male.” It would make as much sense to say, “As an elf, I’m not HTE (human to elf) because I was never human.” The player can no longer distinguish between reality and the fantasy.

Stunning and brave trans women

A “trans woman” can choose to wear the costume, but the most realistic costume available can only ever make them look like the character. It changes nothing about the actual person underneath all the surgery, hormone therapy, clothing, makeup, &c. Perhaps the most famous example of this is Bruce Jenner, who “transitioned” into “Caitlyn.” Anyone who failed to play along was relentlessly attacked and forced to apologize, and there was a great deal of pandering with Jenner declared “Woman of the Year” as well as being given a “Courage Award.” None of that, however, changed that it was and still is Bruce Jenner in a dress, caked in makeup, and with hair extensions. Jenner and others like him are walking around dressed as orcs, far removed from any game justifying their fantasy personas, and they are demanding everyone else consent to playing along whether they want to or not. When you meet “Gorbag,” you may not realize that his actual name is Tim, but you know that he is not an orc and that his parents did not name him “Gorbag.” Would you call him by his “orc name” at work if you knew his actual name? What if he cried that “orc rights are human rights” if you didn’t? What if the state criminalized you not playing along?

Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner

This is precisely the direction that society has been headed. Indeed, in recent years, “transgenderism” has become a controversial topic with President Obama saying that male soldiers could wear female uniforms, and vice versa, which was then rightfully overturned by President Trump. States such as Texas have tried passing laws that would prevent cross-dressers from entering the opposite sex’s bathrooms, but large corporations have used their lobbyists to circumvent the will of the people time and again because 0.3% of the population matters more to liberals than the other 99.7%. The Second American Civil War may well be fought over the supposed rights of sodomites and cross-dressers, and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that any leftist government would be exceedingly hostile to Christians.

California State Militia (Antifa) preparing to “punch Nazis”

Based on the recent urgency to foist “transgenderism” on society, one could be forgiven for thinking that cross-dressing is a newly growing concern, but that is only true in its current incarnation as cross-dressing (and its relationship to sodomites) is nothing new. For example, in late 18th century England, where sodomy was a capital offense, men so inclined would gather in “molly houses” where they would dress as women, sodomize each other, hold “mock weddings,” pretend to “give birth” to dolls that would then be baptized, and various other sinful, blasphemous activities. A similar underground of perversion was active in New York City as early as 1869, continuing for decades despite efforts to stop them. They have gone from simply dressing as the opposite sex to claiming that they are the opposite sex, even claiming “female penises” exist and that it is not a homosexual act for a man to be sodomized by a “trans woman.” Now, “trans” people tend to want to convince everyone that there is a biological explanation for their “condition” and that they are different from cross-dressers, but there is no real evidence of the former and the latter is demonstrably false when famous “drag queens” also “come out” as “trans.”

In that sense, mollies/drag queens can be seen as typical LARPers. Indeed, they create a character, select their costume, and then gather with their friends who are also in character. You are under no obligation to play along since their activities are typically restricted to certain venues and events, and, should you encounter one, you and he both know that he is not really an orc. A “trans,” on the other hand, never takes off the costume, and you must refer to him by his “orc name” lest he become very upset with you. His costume does not even have to be very good. In fact, he may not even bother with wearing one at all, but you must still act as though your eyes see what he wants them to see. You have to play because “Gorbag” cannot emotionally handle anyone pointing out reality to him. Every “trans” person is a mobile LARP that exists in a bubble, and the rest of the world is expected to conform any time one finds themselves stumbling into such a bubble. Failure to coddle them is a hate crime of the highest order.

From the 18th century “mollies” to the 20th century “drag queens” to the 21st century “trans women,” there is a noticeable pattern of gays, and presumably lesbians, who demonstrate a fascination, or even obsession, with the opposite sex, or at least with their perception thereof. Normal attraction to is replaced with an unnatural desire to be. At the most basic level, homosexual acts represent the individual taking on the role of their opposite. Whether the active or passive partner, a man lying with another man has replaced the woman in the encounter. The extent to which they try to “become” the opposite sex may depend on a number of factors including social acceptance of the idea, but we can hardly ignore that gays, drag queens, and “trans women” are men who variously adopt feminine mannerisms, fashion, &c. They also tend to peddle heresies to claim that God made them “that way,” as though God is responsible for our flawed, corrupted ways rather than it being a byproduct of our own fallen, sinful nature.

For example, consider the so-called “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” a faux religious order founded on Easter Sunday 1979 that involves men dressing as nuns to promote “human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment.” Since their “founding,” they have held an event in San Francisco every year on Easter Sunday, which has become known for its “Hunky Jesus” costume contest and this year involved a mock exorcism of President Trump. The “motherhouse” in San Francisco includes members such as Michael “Sister Roma” Michaels, a gay pornographer, and their own mock pontiff, Pope Dementia the Last. There are also branches throughout the United States and several other countries, all promoting sin and mocking (actual) women who have dedicated themselves to their faith. While these men LARPing as nuns from Bizarro World are certainly blasphemous and offensive, they are not the most dangerous.

As with society in general, “trans” people represent far more of a concern than “drag queens” when it comes to religious institutions. For example, in 2014, leftists began celebrating that Tia Pesando (seen above), a hermaphrodite who had lived for 30 years as Ted, was apparently to become “the world’s first transgender nun.” Pesando, who had written a book in favor of LGBT people, became the face of activists trying to do within the Church what they had been working so hard to do to society in general. In time, however, Tia recanted such heresies and rejected the queer community. It should also be noted that Pesando was never accepted as a Carmelite nun but was trying to become a lay Carmelite, something open to both men and women. It is also worthy of note that Pesando is a hermaphrodite, having both male and female characteristics, rather than being a man LARPing as a woman. Still, that did not stop activists from tossing around the label of “first transgender nun” and suggesting that the Church was changing.

The religion liberals want

Therein lies the real danger to society and the faith: namely, LARPers trying to force their way into every aspect of society so as to leave sane people nowhere to run or hide. They would love nothing more than to have a “trans priest,” which is why they celebrated when a particular, now-defunct Old Catholic church ordained one such LARPer. Of course, there can be no such thing as a “trans priest” because women are forbidden from usurping that authority (1 Timothy 2:12), and it is a sin to dress as the opposite sex (Deuteronomy 22:5). But that is the entire point of them wanting “trans priests” and “trans nuns.” Leftist activists do not care about the faith itself as they are almost universally godless, only worshiping at the altar of progressivism, but they recognize the true faith as a massive barrier standing in the way of their agenda. If they can convince the faithful to embrace a “trans priest,” why not a “female priest”? If they will accept a “trans nun,” why not officially endorse the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”? Make no mistake, their intention is to mock and defile the faith just as the “mollies” did with the sacraments of marriage and baptism more than two centuries ago. Theirs is an agenda of hedonism and degeneracy, and the most dangerous ones are those who never take the mask off, who cry out as they attack those who just want to be left alone. Theirs is a wicked game, and the faithful will have to play one way or another.