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The Unite the Right rally has been shut down. In short, the Charlottesville Police Department allowed bused-in Antifa “counter protesters” to arrive and get too close to the rally, which inevitably resulted in skirmishes between the two sides. The Democrat governor, Terry McAuliffe, was amazingly in the perfect position to rapidly declare a state of emergency, making the rally itself criminal, and then mobilizing Virginia State Police to arrest the peaceful, legitimate rally goers while Antifa was not only not dispersed but allowed to march around the city. In all of that, a car drove in amongst a crowd of Antifa with a dozen or so people injured and one killed, apparently.

The narrative coming out of today, however, is not that the local leftist government coordinated with leftist groups to produce a situation that allowed the leftist governor to abuse his authority to shut down a peaceful demonstration. No, it is rather that violent, hateful Nazis invaded Charlottesville, committed verbal violence by chanting things like “Jews will not replace us” (not true), attacked police, and then launched a coordinated terror attack to murder innocent leftist protesters walking to help feed homeless kittens. Julie Banderas and Kelly Wright of Fox News went to wall-to-wall coverage denouncing racism and the violent Nazis, and Banderas “narrated” video of violent attacks so she could tell the audience it was of Alt-Right thugs attacking police when it was really Antifa thugs attacking peaceful rally goers equipped with homemade riot shields. They also had on Rep. Tom Garrett (R-VA) multiple times so that he could likewise virtue signal that he opposes any sort of racism, that he hates David Duke, &c. President Trump went on live television to condemn hatred and violence.

Now, none of this is surprising really. Leftists in government regularly coordinate with leftist groups like Black Lives Matter, Occupy, and, yes, Antifa. Such organizations almost always resort to violence, rioting, and looting when they show up somewhere while the leftists in government allow it and leftists in the media excuse it. Mainstream Republicans also love rushing to get in front of a camera to denounce rightists who say or even think anything to the right of Karl Marx, and Fox News is no stranger to providing such traitors with a platform to do it. No, none of that is surprising because it is a pattern that repeats itself time and again. What is surprising is that rightists still have not found a way to adequately counteract all of the above. All our side seems to do is have a brief skirmish with Antifa, go home, and then get angry at how the media chooses to warp and spin what actually happened. More is needed, but what?

First, every such rally needs to start having designated cameramen, preferably equipped with equipment to allow elevated vantage points of events. For example, there are telescoping inspection cameras, or something as simple as a GoPro on a telescoping selfie stick. There should be several cameramen in every group at any rally, and they should focus entirely on filming leftists, especially as they try to get near our people. The cameramen must be coordinated and ready to quickly upload footage to multiple sources, to provide to friendly media outlets, &c. Doing so would make it much harder for Antifa or the media to push false narratives about events because the truth would be getting out simultaneously to their efforts. If they want to claim that our people started the violence, let them contend with footage from multiple angles showing that it was instead leftists provoking the altercations.

Second, the shield walls need to be much improved. Groups that intend to form shield walls at events should practice doing so, and that includes maintaining discipline to avoid being drawn out of formation. There have been multiple events now with rightists attempting to field shield walls to protect groups, and it seems every event provides an example of someone being drawn out so that the entire wall is exposed with the situation devolving into chaos. If the shield walls remained firm, Antifa would be impotent.

Third, optics matter. The media wants to portray the far-right as Nazi villains out of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. They want us, regardless of political persuasion, to be cartoonish thugs because that makes it easy to demonize us to the general public. The Alt-Right may include actual fascists and national socialists, but the general public is not going to take the time to investigate what exactly that means or what you believe. They will see Nazi flags, fascist symbols, Confederate battle flags, &c. and immediately assume the worst. You may be able to convince some after the fact that you are not evil, but the leftist media (including Fox News) is not going to provide you with that chance. They will play wall-to-wall any footage they can of swastikas, battle flags, and the one person who said something blatantly racist. Why? Because it sets the narrative. Most people will never be exposed to your actual message, but they can be bombarded with images and rhetoric about how you are a hateful, bigoted monster out to kill kittens and eat babies. Reimagine Charlottesville. What if #UniteTheRight presented rows of shields and banners depicting crosses and Christian icons, or American flags and patriotic symbols? What if instead of “blood and soil” people were chanting “We don’t want your Tower of Babel” or “America for Americans”? If you do not provide the media with an easily crafted narrative, they have to force one. We want them exposed as being anti-Christian and un-American because the masses out there will then view our enemies as their enemies. We need to set the narrative for ourselves, and that is done through the optics of an event. How will people perceive the events based solely on flashes of images shown in the media and elsewhere?

Fourth, responses matter. The narrative is largely set by the optics, but leftists also scramble to ensure that any other possible sources will confirm what they want people to think. For example, Wikipedia already has a page for the event, and it says, “Speakers claimed that Jews are ruining the West, and hailed Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler… During the rally, a car plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one person and injuring at least 24 others. A nearby police helicopter monitoring the response to the rally violence crashed, killing the two troopers on board… Witnesses described the violence as having originated from white nationalists.” Leftist news source after leftist news source has crafted their response so that they all present the same picture. Truth is irrelevant because people who were not there to see it for themselves will trust such sources since there is nothing readily available to contradict them. Where is UniteTheRight.com to put out preplanned talking points, an ideological platform, and breaking news? Where are the efforts to put out correct information and videos to the few unbiased journalists?

Finally, let me be clear that none of this is meant to “punch right” or attack people on our own side, but it is rather meant to show that what happened in Charlottesville did not have to happen. The mayor of Lexington, KY, has now said that he will tear down Confederate statues there because of Charlottesville. Mainstream Republicans across social media are denouncing the Alt-Right as super evil, mega vile racist Fascisto-Nazi Hellspawn. Are they weak-willed? Absolutely, but they are only crumbling under social pressure that did not need to exist. The leftists have mastered their political games and kabuki theater because they have been at it for decades, and they will not be defeated by our side playing right into their hands at every turn. We are facing a decades-old, entrenched cancer in society, and removing it will be hard, serious work. Let’s just hope that this will not have been our assault on Little Round Top.