Hollywood is famous, or rather infamous, for pushing leftist political narratives in television shows and movies, and one such narrative is that Europe historically looked much like Detroit or Baltimore looks today. This is, of course, ridiculous on its face, but the objective is to convince whites that they have never had nations of their own and thus should not want nations of their own today—Diversity Then, Diversity Now, Diversity Forever... for white nations! This is often seen with the race-bending of fictional characters so as to shoehorn non-whites into places they did not exist. Aside from the BBC, however, it is less common to see historical figures treated the same.

This is where SyFy's Wynonna Earp, a show already known for trying to bludgeon you over the head with how progressive it is, has truly surpassed most of its liberal competition. The main cast includes a lesbian couple and an interracial gay couple, but it is the interracial straight couple that features on the show that concerns us here. This is because the couple involved are historical figures—John Henry "Doc" Holliday and Mary Katherine Horony-Cummings—both of whom were white. In the show, however, "Big Nose Kate," as Horony-Cummings was known, is played by Chantel Riley, an African woman born in Canada.

Big Nose Kate

This blackwashing of "Big Nose Kate" may have won the Earp crew leftist brownie points, but it also introduced some problems. First, Doc Holliday and his gal were famous, and they have been depicted more than once on the big screen. Noticeably absent from history and those portrayals were any African features. Second, the historical figure had come by her sobriquet honestly, but referring to a black woman with a typical wide African nose as "Big Nose" presented obvious problems. The writers simply danced around the first issue by having "Black Kate" claim that she had a white friend pose for the famous photograph seen above so as to trick law dogs looking for her. To explain away the nickname without referencing her African nostrils, "Black Kate" said in an episode that the nickname instead had to do with a sexual act for which she was known, which is as lazy as it is ridiculous.

Kate with the big nostrils

But what truly makes Wynonna Earp's blackwashing stand out from the rest is that the writers used the mess of their own making to fabricate historical racism so as to still try making sense of "Black Kate" as a Hungarian woman. In the episode "Waiting Forever for You," the character claims, "My family is from Europe... and we were nobility," to which the title character responds with a questioning glare. "Black Kate" then says, "Don't look shocked. We all know who wrote history and how they have a habit of leaving people who look like me out of official records." In this short exchange, we are thus informed that Hungarian nobility historically included Africans yet that is not common knowledge because evil white men, presumably Hungarian, hid that from the world.

SyFy deciding to race-bend a historical figure is offensive in its own right, but it is especially galling that the writers of Wynonna Earp then felt the need to lie about the historical figure and the details of her life to make sense of their nonsensical race-bending. Mary Katherine Horony was indeed Hungarian, but it is nothing more than a myth that she was of noble birth, a myth that the writers purposely peddle so they can then assert that not only were "black Hungarians" a historical reality but that Africans formed part of the ruling class. This is despite Hungary being almost entirely white even today, aside from 3% of the population who are Romani.

So for whose benefit then are the Earp writers trying to blackwash Hungarian history? The truth is that this comes back to liberals trying to claim that Europe was always a "melting pot" that "belonged to everyone," and Hungary is a sacrificial lamb on the altar of diversity because it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They could have hired a Hungarian actress to play a Hungarian woman, and they could have used the opportunity to expose their audience to Hungarian history and culture. Indeed, this would have been fitting since they turned "Big Nose Kate" into a big nosed vampire, and there are connections between vampire myths and Hungary. Instead, they chose to blackwash Hungarian culture and history all to be able to peddle a myth to their audience about "Afro-Europe," a mystical place filled with black knights and princesses with big nostrils, a place that never existed.