The first-ever Indigenous Peoples March was held this year in Washington, DC, and it happened to coincide with the March for Life. This is how Nathan Phillips, an innocent Amerindian elder, found himself "surrounded" by a "crowd of students" who "taunted the indigenous crowd," according to Phillips. The bigoted mob, which was "predominantly white [and] wearing Trump paraphernalia," were from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. As it happens, the school's mascot is "The Colonel," doubtless a reference to the Indian Wars. Phillips, wiping tears from his eyes, said, "I heard them saying, 'Build that wall, build that wall.' This is indigenous lands. You know we're not supposed to have walls here. We never did, for millenniums, before anyone else came here. We never had walls." According to Marcus "Chief Quese Imc" Frejo, the racist mob also taunted black men, sarcastically performed a Maori dance (implying all indigenous people are the same), and chanted, "Make America great!"

The Diocese of Covington rushed to "condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general," saying, "This behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person." And they were not alone. Fr. Daniel P. Horan, OFM, a professor at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, tweeted, "I'm so deeply appalled and disgusted by the racist, shameful, disrespectful behavior of the Catholic high school students wearing MAGA hats... I'm so angry and yet not at all surprised at pervasive white supremacy exhibited." Fr. James Martin, SJ, tweeted, "These actions are not Catholic, not Christian and not acceptable," and that he is "as disgusted by the contemptuous laughter of the mass of students as [he is] moved by the quiet dignity of the solitary man who continues to chant." The Southern Poverty Law Center's Maureen Costello said that the "incident involving students from Covington Catholic is ... unfortunately not surprising. The racist rhetoric coming from our politicians normalizes hate across the country." National Review ran a piece entitled, "The Covington Students Might as Well Have Just Spit on the Cross."

There was a small problem, however: namely, despite Phillips describing the situation as "hate unbridled" and claiming that "he was scared for his safety and the safety of those with him," he lied about the entire thing. He was not surrounded, but he instead freely walked into the crowd of teenagers that were minding their own business. Rather than there being racist chants or Maori war dances, video shows that the kids mostly just laughed and smiled while Phillips, entirely unprovoked, beat on his drum inches from the face of a minor. Indeed, the only people caught on camera saying anything racist were with Phillips. Of course, according to many, like Alex Cranz of Gizmodo, "white boys [can] DEVASTATE with a smirk," a "weaponized" look that says, "My existence trumps your experience." Bobby Kim, co-founder of clothing brand The Hundreds, similarly placed little value in reality, "'Watch the entire video.' How about you watch the entire history of what these indigenous people have been through... Hear their story, not the textbooks, not what your parents told you. Shut up. Listen."

This situation highlights just how little the Left cares about reality next to narrative, but, more importantly, it demonstrates how quickly institutions such as the Church, a school, and the Republican Party will abandon their own to the wolves. No one dared to wait for the whole story to emerge because an aging activist fed a narrative to the media, and they ran with it without attempting to verify any details. A pack of leftist provocateurs harassing a group of minors who happened to be conservatives turned into the reincarnation of James W. Forsyth leading the pale faces of the 7th Cavalry in launching barrage after barrage of white male smirks, the most devastating and evil of all smirks. Young men who did nothing wrong have been reimagined in real time as having scalped elderly redskins while chanting, "Make America white again!" At this rate, within a day or two, the innocent students from Covington Catholic will be remembered as having raped their victims' squaws as well, all while they continued to smirk with their white teeth and white skin. Never shall the Left forget the tale of Big Chief Nathan Phillips and how he faced down the Covington Catholic Colonels.

And never should faithful Catholics forget the names and faces of all those supposed shepherds who freely surrendered their lambs to the wolves, placing the value of social media likes and the high they get from virtue signaling above the truth and justice, uncharitably assuming the worst because that is what the mob demands.